Apple Computer expands iBook repair program

“Apple Computer has expanded a repair program designed to fix a logic board problem with some of its iBook notebooks. The Mac maker late Wednesday said it is offering free repairs to iBooks that have various display problems after the machines boot up, such as scrambled or distorted video, the appearance of unexpected lines on the screen, and video that freezes or displays intermittently,’ Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

“Apple announced the iBook repair program in January, but some Mac users complained that their iBooks had similar problems that were not covered by the program,” Fried reports. “The program originally covered iBooks made between May 2002 and April 2003, but it has now been expanded to cover models made through October 2003. Apple said the machines should have serial numbers between UV220XXXXXX and UV342XXXXXX.”

Full article here.


  1. Another P.o.S. from Apple together with the trash 15″ PowerBook screens and crap mini iPods headphone jacks. Fortunately Maczealots would buy even Jobs’ shit if it has an Apple logo on it.

  2. Still very minor compared to the billions of dollars all the problems that the incredibly poorly designed Windows OS costs every economy in the world. Nice try though RC.

  3. Ahh, Reality Check, I’ve been reading your posts on other pages on this site…

    You are quite clearly confused about where you are. This is a MAC site, for people who use Apple computers. Like the other people before me have said, you will get very badly burned if you keep posting rubbish.

    Now be warned, your Pee Cee is open to attack, and we Mac dudes know how to find you.

    Like I say, you’ve been warned.

  4. One more thing Reality Check,

    If you want to try and attack me then you are most welcome. I assure you things will get very messy for you when you realise that I am behind a virtual 6in thick lead door and you are behind an oragami door.

  5. We have bought 100 iBook G3’s and have had many, many failures of logic boards.

    All of our purchases are within these numbers and I feel a letter to Apple coming on…

  6. Guys, guys, guys. Don’t you see what’s happening here? RCheck is just killing time here on his Mac, although he’ll never come out of his closet, while he reloads winblows 69 on his pron-hunting Winblows machine. You see, he keeps getting the “Blew scream of death” from the STD’s on the pron site he has scripted his “Crampaq” to search for. Give him a break. Really. Pick an appendage and break it.


    I asked Paul to show me proof that WMA to AAC conversions sound “awful”

    Here’s his response;

    “You’re missing the point. I have no personal responsibility to explain myself to you in an email. I wrote that a transcoded file will sound like crap, and it will. Have you tested this? No? Huh. Well, I have Jamie. And it does sound like crap. Yeah, it’s better than nothing. But I’ve spent a lot of time transcoding, as I’ve written, and I can back it up. End of story.

    Well, not entirely. You seem to think I owe you an explanation every time I make an assertion. I don’t ask you, for example, who the hell you think you are, what your qualifications are, or why I should ignore my own experiences and base my opinions on your (unqualified) opinions. But then, I don’t hold you or any other Mac fanboy to any kind of a bizarre standard. If you don’t like what I write, simply ignore it. I don’t advertise it, or try to make people read the site, and I never have.

    But please. Spare me the holier than thou emails.


    Classic Turd-Rot ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  8. Funny. Thurrott thinks he has “standards” – and I put that in quotes because it is my opinion that he is lacking in that department, especially when it comes to what it is that he does. And has now he apparently is showing a rather thin skin about the whole thing. He writes opinions and “analysis”. Not everyone is going to like what he says (especially from readers on this site), and he’s all up in arms from someone who has the gumption to question his statements. Well. The NERVE! Paul can go chase butterflies in the rainforests of Brazil for all the good that will do to improve the situation regarding global warming and get just as much accomplished by sending such pointless responses to a detractor. Wonder if he pores through his mail every once in a while just to find someone to slam for asking a simple question about how he arrived at a conclusion.

    And, just to be picky, in the next to last paragraph of what he wrote, I think the comma is in the wrong place. He should have said ‘If you don’t like what I write simply, ignore it.” That certainly works better for those of us who are clearly on the opposite end of the spectrum from his vaulted analyses.

    Does Paul get paid to write? I would think so. Why do it otherwise? And if so, does that mean he has agreed to allow OTHERS to advertise for him? Probably, so while he may be telling the truth on that, it appears to be disingenous on its face. Do you think he minds that others (oh, like MDN, for an obvious example) point to his site whenever he says something? Of course not – it brings him unsuspecting linkers whom he can then further exploit. Does he write with no intention to benefit financially from it? Not a chance.

    Thanks for sharing, twelve… and I feel better, now, too.

  9. 1281: Do not feed the Trolls! They hate the taste of crow anyways.

    Plus, I am not even the least bit surprised that when you call PT on the carpet about his ‘assertions’ that he will stonewall you with “You want proof? No, you show *ME* proof I’m wrong!” It is this exact attitude that prevails amongs the larger group of so-called “experts” that prevents them even the possibility of thinking there may be another answer out there, and it may be the correct one. Sadly, this attitude also means they don’t want to learn.

    And he is right about one thing. He doesn’t have a ‘personal responsibility’ to explain himself… His responsibility is much, MUCH larger than that for a person whose works are published in tech magazines and public forums.

    Simply put, he’s a willing Tool.

  10. The only thing interesting in Thurrott’s reply is that we now know 1281’s real name is Jamie. Apart from that, it’s just the same old blah blah blah…..

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