Bush-Cheney ‘04 Re-election website adds QuickTime multimedia choice

According to the Bush-Cheney ’04 campaign, “Bush-Cheney ’04 released a new television ad that will begin running all over the nation. The new ad, ‘Weapons,’ highlights John Kerry’s troubling record of opposing weapons systems essential to fighting and winning the War on Terror.”

Previously, multimedia on the Bush-Cheney ’04 Re-election Campaign website was available only via Windows Media and RealPlayer. Now Bush-Cheney ’04 site offers a third choice, Apple’s QuickTime, in “High Speed” and “Low Speed” versions.

The John Kerry campaign website multimedia is offered with a choice between Windows Media or RealPlayer. The Ralph Nader campaign website offers video clips with a choice between Windows Media or QuickTime.

See the Bush-Cheney ’04 QuickTime additions here.

The addition of QuickTime to the Bush-Cheney ’04 website follows the addition of the free President Bush Mac OS X Screen Saver. It seems that, of the three major candidates for U.S. President, only President Bush recognizes the Macintosh platform at this time.

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  1. Nice to see our President not excluding Mac users and actually going out of his way to include Mac users via his campaign website. Too bad the others don’t see fit to do so. Not because of this Mac stuff (although I do appreciate it), but for every other reason, another vote here for Bush-Cheney in November 2004!

  2. focker,

    The addition of Apple’s QuickTime to the President’s re-election website, is indeed “Mac Daily News.” Just because you seem to irrationally hate Bush doesn’t mean this isn’t a noteworthy item – definitely related to Apple and the Mac and QuickTime. If you don’t like the headline, don’t click it.

  3. focker – “MDN bias for W-Dick 04 has already been noted.”

    What a joke! There are links to Kerry and Nader websites right in the article. MDN did not need to do this. They could have excluded Kerry and Nader completely from this story. Don’t blame MDN and call them biased because Bush is the one embracing Mac users and Kerry, Nader, etc. are ignoring Mac users.

  4. tommy, have you tried WMP on Mac OS X? It barely works. Ditto for RealCrappyPlayer. Two piles of shit. I prefer QuickTime – wish all sites would wake up and offer QT choice.

  5. I’m always surprised to see that there are quite a few Republican Mac users. You’d think all Mac users were hippie artists out celebrating Earth Day 365 days a year.

  6. ” It seems that, of the three major candidates for U.S. President, only President Bush recognizes the Macintosh platform at this time.”

    Shame that dumb-ass bastard can’t recognize a constitutional right. But, he’s a shitty excuse for a republican anyway:

    � no fiscal responsibility
    � loves big government (it’s how he made his money in texass, fleecing taxpayers for a new stadium)
    � completely dishonors the party of lincoln by being a religious bigot
    � can bomb Iraq but can’t occupy it? not like we don’t have experience turning enemies into allies this way (Japan, anyone?). If he weren’t so stupid he could have learned from our past.
    � conceded war on terrorism by limiting as many freedoms as he could and eliminating as many constitutional protections as possibly with un-constitutional and mis-named Patriot Act.

    GWB is the antithesis of a patriot and doesn’t deserve to be president.

  7. Did anyone read the story in Fox News has endorsed Bush for re-selection?

    That’s his biggest endorsement yet! And, it shows what a great job he’s doing fighting terror. Look, when the terrorists want you to stay in power, that has to say something, right?

    Well, I’m sure Dubya’s handlers will find a way to put a positive spin on it. Like Clear Skies, No Child Left Behind, Healthy Forests, etc., they’ll probably make up some bullshit opposites name for this, too.


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