Philips goes after Apple’s iPod mini with ‘Micro Audio Jukebox’

“Philips is about to move into the hard-drive-based portable sound arena with its Micro Audio Jukebox, the HDD060. The player stores 1.5GB of MP3 or WMA files on a 1in hard drive, is the size of a (thick) credit card, and weighs 93g. Philips expects to have it on sale here late this month for $449 (US$365),” Ian Cuthbertson reports for Australian IT.

“Rather than competing with established hard drive-based portable sound devices such as Apple’s iPod and Creative’s Nomad Zen Jukebox, the HDD060 will face off against a new generation of smaller devices such as Apple’s iPod mini and Creative’s MuVo2. The HDD060 and the MuVo2 have 1.5GB capacity and will deliver about 350 MP3s on the go, while the iPod Mini has 4GB. All are slim


  1. One advantage, of course, that Philips will have over iPod mini is that there will actually be players to buy worldwide as Philips is not a rinky-dink outfit (run by tree-hugger veggie commie hippie butt-pirates) unable to ramp up production like Apple. The iPod mini is vaporware to everyone outside the U.S. People can’t buy what isn’t available for sale. Typical Apple. Typical stupidity. Typical losers.

  2. Ron,

    If you paid attention you’d know the bottleneck isn’t Apple being “unable to ramp up production”. Come on, if you are going to be a troll, at least show some awareness of the world around you and give us something with some meat.

  3. Speaking of butt-pirates…
    Did anyone see Queer Eye for the Straight Guy last night? They gave the straight guys’ step-daughter who is going off to college at new iBook and iPod. All her friends where so excited about the iPod.

    I can’t image them screaming, “Like, oh my God, you, like got a new HDD060, u know.”

  4. Philips isn’t run by stupid artsy fags longing for throat sausage, so therefore I’m sure they covered all their bases and made sure they’ll have enough drives. Apple is too stupid to think that far ahead, right, one-button mouse users? Philips is a real company, not a company that habitually cannot deliver product when it is wanted and habitually over-delivers products that are not wanted. Apple is a company made up of liberal, tree-huggin, bleeding heart Algores and H-Mo types. What do you expect? Losers as usual. Losers as always.

  5. Well, regardless of drive supplier, I’m sure Philips will easily be able to provide enough of these players to satisfy the nonexistent demand. What a joke. Why bother?

  6. Sorry ron – Philips is more artsy fag than you think:


    “Philips Electronics has teamed up with award-winning photographer David LaChapelle to present Art Meets Technology, a unique photography show to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The event, which will take place in New York City on May 29 – 30, will feature a wide selection of LaChapelle�s latest unique and provocative photographs and videos presented on Philips FlatTVs� and Cineos� television products. A private opening-night party attended by LaChapelle and invited members of New York�s media, art world, celebrities and influential members of the gay community, will have the opportunity to view the vivid, avant-garde images displayed on the latest Philips technology. LaChapelle images and more than $70,000 in Philips products will be available for purchase in a silent auction to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.”

  7. ron,

    Your posts are stupid, vulgar and simply reflect your immaturity and longing for attention. If you need a friend try buying a gold fish. I’d recommend a dog or cat but you probably don’t have the ability to take care of anything that requires more then cleaning out a fish tank and adding fish food. GO AWAY!!!!!!

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