Apple and IBM announce enterprise servers featuring Mac OS X Server

By Siddhartha Finch

Working to provide consumers with the most cost-effective operating system and hardware solution, IBM and Apple today announced a strategic alliance to deliver IBM-branded enterprise server solutions featuring Apple


  1. it’s the afternoon already here in the uk, so all of these april’s fools jokes are getting kind of old already. pcpro reckoned that apple were bringing out an iTablet of some sort and the story has already disappeared.

    what would be cool is if apple posted their very own april fools product on their home page, such as ‘iRobot’ to tie in with the new movie. – remember it’s 3laws safe!

  2. OK, you got me. For a few minutes at least. The hint was there was no link to the original article, and the link to the author says it all. Good one.

    But ya know…. this actually would make sense.

  3. Ouch! This one hurt because, if true, it would have meant so much to Apple (and to IBM). This would have rocked the enterprise more than all of the Linux distros combined. Oh well, one can dream.

  4. “…it makes more sense than IBM selling
    Intel-based servers running Linux.”

    – completely unofficial response from an Apple employee (who shall remain nameless.)

  5. o.k. so ibm is going to sell servers running osx.
    My question is whats going to happen with the xserves…??
    will this help? or take away bizz away apple’s xserve?
    r they more powerfull???????

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