Microsoft’s ‘MSN Music Service’ due this fall will be incompatible with Apple iPod

“Indie-label executives who caught a sneak peek of Microsoft’s music download service here March 18 at the South by Southwest Music Conference give it high marks,” Reuters reports. “The software giant’s offering, the MSN Music Service, is not slated to launch until the fall, at the earliest. It will compete with already up-and-running services including Apple Computer’s iTunes Music Store and Roxio’s Napster.”

Reuters continues, “Microsoft is stressing the ease of consumer use of its system, but sources say it is no easier to use than existing offerings. ‘They seem to be implying it’s a big step forward in helping people find content, and I didn’t see that,’ says one attending label exec, who asked to remain anonymous.”

“MSN Music Service will be compatible with most portable players, including Dell DJ and Microsoft’s own Portable Media Center, which bows later this year. The exception is Apple’s iPod,” Reuters reports. “‘Generally, we just wanted people to get excited that they’re going to have other opportunities out there,’ says Christine Andrews, MSN product manager.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Generally, we just wanted people to get excited that they’re going to have other opportunities out there,” said Christine Andrews, MSN product manager. “Other opportunities,” as in, not Apple’s iTunes/iPod. According to The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, the term “vaporware” means, “products announced far in advance of any release (which may or may not actually take place). The term came from Atari users and was later applied by Infoworld to Microsoft’s continuous lying about Microsoft Windows.” [source] An important note: any current legit music download service that does not work with the market-dominating player, Apple’s iPod, has proven less than successful thus far.


  1. Apple has the best selling player by volume.

    Apple has the best selling player by revenue.

    Apple has the best selling store by volume and revenue.

    Apple has the best and easiest-to-use player and store.

    Apple has the most-advertised player and store.

    Apple has the biggest mindshare.

    Apple has uniformly great reviews.

    Apple has better pricing than some other players and stores.

    Apple was the first online music store.

    Apple is the one who gets free press when any competing product is mentioned or announced.

    Apple has big partnerships, with AOL, Pepsi, HP, Compaq, etc.

    Apple has a reputation for creative products that Microsoft lacks.

    Microsoft has bottomless pockets and plenty of so-called journalists on their payroll. Is that enough to counter all of the above? I think not.

  2. That is good. This will give the lackeys a little thing to think about. Now that they push hard to give WMA a start, they’ll have to deal with Microsoft (that is, if they survive till fall). In the meantime, how many iPods and iTMS songs will be sold by then? If you invest in an iPod, you are unlikely to buy WMA and if you invest in iTMS songs, you are unlikely to buy other players. This is a chicken-egg problem Microsoft will have to break.

    First post!!

  3. Oh yeah it requires “Passport”. hehehehehehehe.

    Better sign up for “Passport”. hehehehehehe

    “Passport” is better than Liberty Alliance. And Pasport will not work with iTunes. pppppffwwtttttt……..HAHAHAHAHAA. I am sorry I can’t help it.

  4. Just couldn’t resist a post on this one – the title of this article alone is enough to elicit a “well, DUH”. What a no-brainer. And it’s no surprise that M$ is trying to make it seem like there are “no good choices” out there because they’re not as involved in the market. And they’re STILL not. Totally agree with MDN’s take on M$ = vaporware, too.

  5. It would make more sense for MS to actually buy the competition than compete with them. As there is pretty much insignificant revenues to be gained from selling music online. The only way to make money from this is to have a device directly and soley attached to your music service which will/should give you the profit margins. If MS aim to win with getting 95% mindshare in music downloading they would be a monopoly (again). Since they dont really have anything to gain my guess is they just want to be a player in the market for the sake of being a player.

  6. � Product Announcement !

    Microsoft VaporWareXP should be available sometime in the next 11-13 months.

    It’ll be half as good as the competions, for twice the money!

    Or that’s what usually happens ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  7. MSN Music Service… Just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? They are such a creative bunch over there at Microsoft. This is sure to draw in those looking for something different.

    I think they must be targeting the consumers in suits whose every fourth word spoken is “product.”

  8. M$ still doesn’t get it. They are being fined $600 Million for bundling WMP into Windows (and the server thing) and now they are going to use their “illegally” bundled WMP to extend their monopoly into the Online music space. BTW they already got in trouble for routing everyone who wanted to buy CDs online to MSN to buy them. The first group M$N Music Service will kill is the BuyMusic/etc crowd. It is interesting how M$ is just going to screw over their customers, all those who used M$ware and M$ WMA (and paid for it) to set up their online music store. Makes you want to be a M$ customer. Do you think BuyMusic and others will turn around and sue M$ for putting them out of business?

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