Europe’s biggest legit music site incompatible with Apple iPod

“Coca-Cola’s music download site has said it has become Europe’s biggest legitimate music site, with 10,000 songs sold every week,” BBC News reports. “‘The figures from have exceeded our expectations and we are delighted that consumers have adopted legal downloading in such great numbers and with a real enthusiasm,’ a Coke spokesman said.”

BBC News reports, “However, music downloaded from the website is not available in a form which can be played on Apple’s iPod, the most popular portable media player in the world.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For reference, Apple’s iTunes Music Store is currently estimated to sell 1.2 million songs per week in the U.S.


  1. this doesn’t mean anything. Or does it? If iTunes can’t get into Europe soon, they might get so frustrated that the masses start to support Coke or OD2. Lots opportunities can hurt.

  2. Wish I knew what the doggone hold-up is on European iTunes.

    I, for one, collect music from Europe and Canada.

    I have no choice but to spend top $$ for CDs and shipping. Although the Canadian $$ exchange rate is favorable, I have to buy numerous CDs by mail in order to break even after the shipping charge is added. European CDs that are imported and then bought from my Canadian supplier are even more expensive.

    Let’s just say that has put a damper on my spending for music originating out of US borders.

  3. The wording is refreshing. It’s saying that the music downloaded isn’t compatible with the iPod rather than the usual “iPod is incapabel of playing WMA”. It put the blame at Coke’s door, not Apple’s

  4. 10 000?? LOL
    WMA is doing very well all over the world.
    Nokia sells AAC music �1.2 billions worth in Europe. Coca Cola has to do little better than 10 000.
    This story is best joke today.

  5. MacSmiley, I don’t think that iTunes Europe is going to be selling European music to Americans. I believe it’s going to sell music to Europeans. So you may not get any additional music on the European version of iTunes.

    Couldn’t tell whether your message meant that you buy through a Canadian supplier, or you live in Canada. Same would apply for the Canadian version of iTunes, I suspect.

  6. Coke does not sell music in the Europe. Only in the UK. There is a HUGE difference in that. Apple will do it right. Others are doing it upside down and sunny side in the arse.
    You will see. Watch and learn. Okay I want iTMS Europe yesterday. I know though that waiting for iTMS is worth every cent. It is going to be HUGE.
    WMA winning!
    Oh Joy

  7. Tunes for Windows can work on Macs and on iTunes for Windows. Someone ought to come up with a software hack for this but the hardware hack goes like this:
    Download song in wma or whatever
    burn on cd
    open cd in iTunes
    import songs

    I’ve done this on the pc I (sadly) have to use at work. Likewise Windows users can turn iTunes songs into other formats.

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