Dvorak: people won’t switch from Windows to Mac because of games

“People talk about changing platforms. They promote Mac and Linux as vaguely better than Windows because these operating systems crash less, because they’re cheaper, or because Microsoft isn’t involved. Meanwhile, Windows users complain bitterly about everything. But few actually switch. Why is this? Let’s look at the reasons to switch and try to determine exactly why Windows has such a viselike grip on its user base. If I am correct in my assessment, then everyone has been barking up the wrong tree for decades,’ John Dvorak writes for PC Magazine.

Dvorak then goes through a list including “ease of use,” “total cost of ownnership,” “viruses and security,” and more and concludes, “When Steve Jobs first rolled out the Macintosh and eschewed games on the machine, telling people to put them on the Apple II instead, he made the biggest mistake of his life right then and there. This is the main differentiator in platform preference. PCs can play tremendous games, and there are many more to choose from than there are cross-platform titles. Families are hard-pressed not to own a PC because of the tonnage of children’s games, for instance. Although Macs are easier for kids to use, children still want machines that can play the games they like. All the wheel spinning about the superiority of this platform or that platform just boils down to the fun side of computing: games. No other single factor is so skewed. Everything else is a wash.”

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  1. I will have to agree, if it were not because I could not play Tribes 2 on PC, I would own a Mac. That said I am still in process getting a PowerBook anyhow. I’m really tired of PC updates and crashes. Mac is starting to get all the popular games now, so that article will soon be null. Tribes 1,2 and the upcoming 3 are all on PC only, so that is the only thing that is salvaging my computer from become scrap metal. I <3 MAC.

  2. Well, I’ve died, and I’m in hell now for all the lying I did about Macs. They are the best. Even when I was pushing OS/2, I knew Macs were better.

    Too take to apologize, but take my advice, don’ believe a word I said…ahhh, it’s hot! Ow ow ow ow ow!!!

  3. I’m looking to get a new Win POS for no other reason than to play Dark Age of Camelot online with my friends. I’d much rather using my mac (I’ve played some robust stuff on my PowerBook) but the game titles just aren’t being made readily available.


  4. PC gaming is dyeing as majority of games sold are played on the consoles. I read a while back in the US Electronics Boutique may stop selling PC games as they don�t sell a lot compared to consoles.

  5. Who are these sad people that really spend that much money on a game machine?!?! You can get a good game machine for lots less that is made for games, and it doesn’t crash!!

    If you are that addicted to gaming, you need to take your whithering little gray body out in the sunlight and find real life. Gollum!

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