PC Magazine: has Apple gotten greedy with iPod mini?

“Apple blew away the competition in hard drive


  1. The biggest criticism of the iPod/Mini is that it can’t support WMA decoding and iTunes can’t transfer WMAs to it in the first place. Hypothetically speaking, how much does apple stand to lose by paying MS the license to get WMA working in iTunes and on the iPod? I think Jobs believes that supporting WMA will kill the iTMS and will allow people to switch to other media players. Unfounded in facts, but a possibility.

    I believe that it’ll extend the two iPods into the vast WMA marketshare and will increase the sales dramatically. Remember, iTMS isn’t really making money.


  2. If anyone compares the iPod Mini to iPod, I am sure they will end up spending $50 more and buy an iPod. If they really want the small one, they will buy iPod Mini. Either way, it is a win-win situation for Apple.

  3. Apple holds upwards of 80% of the legit download market with iTunes Music Store. Apple’s iPod rules the player market. iPod mini debuts tomorrow with over 100K pre-orders.

    FSCK WMA. It is shit and the also-ran music player companies should be lining up to kiss Jobs’ feet and let them include AAC/Fairplay support in their POS, horrible players. Which Jobs will not do.

    So, death to everyone else. Apple has pulled it off – the analysts and general public morons just haven’t quite figured it out, yet.

    It’s over. Apple, AAC, and iPod have won. Microsoft, WMA, and the likes of the Dell Digital Junkbox have lost.

    The winner does not adopt the losers’ failed products.

  4. As far as portable music players go, Apple can keep Fairplay to itself, but it really needs to think about licensing the format to manufacturers for use in other AV products. Think Tivo, B&O, Bose, Philips, even JVC/Panasonic. Their support will send the Fairplay market share up even further.

  5. Apple is ahead in this game. But it is early in the game. If you study the consumer market you will know that on one product ever remains at the top. Apple knows this. I doubt that the iPod will always be the number one player. So I think Apples’s game plan is to take advatage of its early lead and milk it for alll it is worth. Then as the closed system is about to fall they will open it up. Everyone will pay to get ACC and fair play and then Apple is making money off every store and every player that can play it. That is what I think their plan is. Build ACC as strong as you can then open it up and make money like mad. You own the standard you own a lot. Ask Microsoft with Office.


  6. “Everyone will pay to get ACC and fair play and then Apple is making money off every store and every player that can play it.”

    Matthew is right. Apple needs to get a couple million iPod minis out the door as well as another million iPods and they can then open AAC/Fairplay to others.

    Other MP3 makers like Rio will gladly pay the licensing fee to save them from going bankrupt. This will also keep others from saying Apple is being monopolistic.

    It is just too soon to open Fairplay- maybe by year’s end?

  7. Actually Apple should license WMA for a WMA to AAC/fairplay converter. Make it a free download, and it also converts the DRM to the less restrictive yet still their Fairplay. Then using iTunes, or the Ipod would be useful for everybody. Note to everyone, I don’t use WMA I prefer mp3, and AAC. I m jsut trying to get even more converts.

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