iPod’s clean secret: replaceable battery usually lasts years



  1. Apple could learn from Nintendo who also use a rechargable battery for the GameBoy Advance SP. Unlike the iPod, that device allows the user to easilly replace the battery themselves.

  2. IIRC, Apple already had the replacement program in the works before the stupid vandals did their work. I don’t like Pogue giving credit to these stupid brothers and making them some kind of heroes. Isn’t vandalizing other people properties a crime?

  3. So, G… you think he’s lying that other players use built-in batteries too?

    (And that’s true, Apple did have the battery program in process before the “brothers.”)

  4. Nobody, did you even read Pogue’s column?! Pogue actually takes the brothers to task for essentially sensationalizing the battery problem and you come to this board thinking Pogues is making them into heroes?

    Gawd, are people even literate in this society anymore?

  5. Pogue raises a very interesting point in that most of the rivals also have not-very-easy-to-replace batteries.

    That’s something I certainly didn’t consider in the discussions we were having a couple of days ago. I don’t think it invalidates the arguments about the design, but it does make the focus on the iPod in particular completely invalid.

    Well done to Pogue for bringing this to our attention.

  6. well .. is too bad the iPod doesn’t have a consumer-replaceable battery [meaning > its not easy to replace without possibly breaking the device].

    when digital cameras can have replaceable batteries I sure think mp3 players should have them as well..
    look at the Olympus Stylus compact digital camera .. it;s small, good looking, it;s also in some kind of metallic enclosuer [no plastic] and is even weatherproof … and the design is no short of an iPod

    on the other hand .. my iPod has no problems so far .. i hope it stays that way

  7. An easily replaceable battery could be one of the new added features for future iPods. As Pogue states, Apple is in line with current market offerings at this time (and overall of course, way ahead). Knowing apple tho they are not sitting still and advances up the wahzoo are on the way.

  8. MDN, where is your comments about the brothers Quicktime being released after Apple announced the replacement program. Is there a double standard where we cut Pogue a break because he is one of the Mac guys?

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