Apple iPod knocked off its pedestal – by Apple’s iPod mini

“Finally, somebody has outdone the iPod. After years of unsuccessful attempts by Creative, Dell, Rio, Samsung and others to knock Apple’s MP3 player off its pedestal, we’ve got a player that makes the iPod seem like the oversize, clunky relic it (now) is,” Rob Pegoraro writes for The Washington Post.

“That player is Apple’s iPod mini, a $249 gadget not much bigger than a cell phone. On sale starting Friday, it packs the old iPod’s virtues into a smaller, lighter, sturdier, more elegant and cheaper design,” Pegoraro writes.

“Just like its older sibling, the iPod mini stores days’ worth of music in the MP3 and AAC formats, including downloads from Apple’s iTunes Music Store. It fits in any pocket and quickly connects to any moderately new PC or Mac,” Pegoraro writes.

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  1. Leave it to Apple to be the only company that could out-do itself. But we’ve known this since the Mini was announced. I just hope that it’s the High-end Flash Player killer it was intended to be.

  2. The Crow BBQs will be held across the country next week for all the idiots that predicted that the Mini would be an overpriced FLOP.

    The first run of the product has basically sold out in the U.S.

    Shows you just how clueless some so called “experts” can be eh?

    Something to keep in mind the next time we see a new Apple product that doesn’t cater to the cheap ass whiner crowd.

  3. Just a hunch, but by summer these will be available with larger storage while the “full-size” iPod morphs into a quasi-PDA/media player. The mini will be the “standard” and the standard the “maxi’.

  4. uh. i seriously doubt apple will make it a pda. they tried that it failed. its an mp3 player nothing more. and as for it being a relic… i think not. the original still has a much larger hd and its easier to use. with the buttons being seperate you run less chance of moving the curser and clicking t he wrong item causing many alot of frustration. personally i like the larger of the two in both appearence and functionalty.

  5. I ordered mine (Green) 3 weeks ago or so on Apple’s web site, it’s going to be engraved and it is shipping between the 3rd and 5th of March….I do not own an “original” iPod…I just like the looks and size of the mini better. As far the storage difference…..really 1000 songs or 50 Hours of music or audio books might just hold me……….but to each their own…I will say that without a doubt Apple will sell the hell out of the the minis…..and as a Apple stock holder I could not be happier!!!!!

  6. Umm, hate to be the bearer of bad news here but the iPod is almost a pda already, it has calenders,contacts,notes, games and plays mp3s .. sure sounds like a pda to me

  7. I have a first generation iPod, so the mini’s are really small in comparison. I’m seriously considering one myself (blue or silver, maybe gold). And the iPod is not a PDA. I may have some convenience features, like the contacts and calendar, but its primary function is portable audio player. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  8. The king is dead, long live the king.

    In other news, the knighted Bill Gates did not participate in the coronation ceremonies. He was too busy fighting dragons, virii, worms, and leaks.

  9. The iPod is a “output-only” PDA. Which isn’t bad, since for some people, output (viewing contacts) is done a lot more than input (creating contacts–which your Mac can do well).

    I hope the big iPod gets the click wheel. I like the idea of the tactile feel, and I love the simplification of the controls. But make it light up!

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