Windows users feeling insecure?

“Are you one of the many Windows users feeling a teensy bit insecure today? In the latest security snafu to befall Microsoft, news broke last night that a portion of the source code related to Windows 2000 and NT has been leaked. Whether this is earth shattering or merely embarrassing remains to be seen, but there are clear ramifications,” Alyce Lomax writes for The Motley Fool.

Lomax writes, “It may still be too soon for a huge exodus of consumer and business computer users switching to Apple or to the Linux open-source operating systems, like that provided by Red Hat, but Microsoft’s closed source code and huge deployed base make it a tempting target to the virulently inclined.”

Lomax writes, “News of security problems has been coming at a furious pace. As if the recent widespread worm attack weren’t enough,


  1. I gotta think that the Longhorn debut is getting farther away, as pressure to alleviate some of this bad press grows. Look for “XPse” or something like it in the interim which addresses most current security issues. Something will fill this void, on a superficial level, and since apple won’t, and lindows can’t, it will be BILL.

    Ya gotta love a company that profits from poor performance.

  2. XP is incapable of being secure in any incarnation. It is really very simple, the underpinnings of any flavor of Windows, were never intended to be released for secure network use. PERIOD. I don’t give a rats ass what any microdrone or microapologist, or microexpert states, the basic kernal cannot be made secure, not now, not ever. Those are the the gist of quotes from those in the know.
    Longhorn, may be a different animal, however with M$’s paranoia about open source, the world may never know. Couple that with M$’s Gates, and Balmers inability to tell the truth about security, or virtually anything else of vital importance to 3rd parties, and you have established a well earned and fundamental mistrust of anything M$.


  3. (voice of Nelson from the Simpsons)

    ” HAAAH haahh! ” windows users are feeling insecure “

    Appel’s next ad should be like this:

    You’re Lacking Personality? You’re unsecure? You’re feeling tricked?
    Get yourself a Mac and start running a real OS.

  4. Joe McConnel, just keep repeating to yourself: “It will be OK, I didn’t make a mistake, it CAN’T have been a mistake, EVERYBODY is on windows” and click your ruby slippers three times and everything will be OK.

    P.S. YOU may have to love a company that profits from poor performance, but fortunately I do not.

    C’mon buddy, come into the light. The waters fine! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Joe, why not just get a G5 and really try it out? It should integrate fine with the rest of your system. I know you do security maintenance really well but on the off chance that a zero day attack occurs, you will be assured of having at least one computer running to carry on your day to day business. You could also justify it by keeping the really sensitive stuff in the G5 with the filevault encryption on.

    Anyway, give it some thought. I would love to hear your opinion after you have been extensively on a Mac OS X system for a few months.

  6. Joe Mc, I didn’t understand your comment. You said “Something will fill this void, on a superficial level, and since Apple won’t and Lindows can’t…”

    What did you mean, since Apple won’t? It sounded like you were talking about security, but that would not make sense since Apple’s offering is much more secure than Windows. They have made the product to fill the void, they just can’t convince the masses of sheep to quit eating the grass from Microsoft.

  7. I’m coming round to the idea of another Cube-type machine, but priced right this time. Make sure it has video out in VGA so switchers can easily see that they can still use their cheapo LCD monitor and I’m sure it will nab more than a few Windows users. It still isn’t chasing the low end, which I think Apple should not go for, it just replaces the current prosumer machine with something a little more expandable.

    Apple are already climbing in market share again. Sort the iMac hole in the product matrix out, and it will climb further.

  8. What Apple doesn’t have is a buisness box, and this hurts them because that’s what buisnesses need. A reliable, ugly, easy to use, stable and secure computer that just doesn’t make the employees want to steal the darn thing or drool all over it.

    But we all know this was tried by the wanna bee Apple CEO’s and failed miserably because buisnesses didn’t want to be “locked” into one vendor.

    Unfortunatly that’s exactly what happened anyway with Microshaft, but buisnesses counter that at least they can use a alternate OS.

    Which of course no one can counter M$ unless it’s free, like Linux.

    So here everybody sits, glad I use a Mac.

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