Washington Times: Apple’s iBook G4 impressive with ‘rather zippy’ performance

“I had promised myself I would not immediately write about Apple Computer’s iBook G4, which bowed last fall and sells for as little as $1,099. I had determined that a week or two must pass before I formed an opinion. What can I say? Rules were made to be broken. My iBook G4 arrived last Thursday and I’m already impressed,” Mark Kellner writes for The Washington Times.

“Performance is rather zippy; startup takes about a minute, but then programs zoom right along. The hard disk size seems more than adequate for a home or home office user. And the $1,499 unit includes an optical drive that’ll play DVD movies and record and play CD-ROMs,” Kellner writes. “I could easily see this computer accompanying someone to a college dorm, or part of a very stylish home office. It’s a good portable, it’s a good home computer, and I’ll have more to say about it after a couple of road trips.”

Full article here.

[Update: 9:54am – fixed attribution.]


  1. Oops. Instead of “Mark Kellner writes for the Washington Post” to that should read “Mark Kellner writes for the Washington Times.” Anyway, thanks for the link.

  2. I just bought a 933 for my girlfriend for Valentine’s day. Gave it to her early since she couldn’t wait. ;o)

    Impressive little bugger. Definitely a zippy performer.

    I can’t wait till the G5 Powerbooks come out so I can justify upgrading my Pismo G3/400. :o)

  3. Bought my daughter an iBook for college – and I am glad I did. With the campus IT dept constantly telling the Windows users to get off the network everytime these viruses pop up, I would have been ticked buying a Windows machine she could only use as a stand alone.

    As far as performance, it’s a G3/900, and runs just as fast as our home 2.4 Celeron.

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