Pepsi’s iTunes Super Bowl commercial available here via QuickTime

Pepsi-Cola’s iTunes Super Bowl commercial, which will kick off the Apple/Pepsi 100 million song giveaway is now available in QuickTime format.

See it here (1.7MB).

MacDailyNews Take: A fairly awful and pedestrian ad. An interesting idea muddled. Still, we think it will serve its purpose and get the word out.


  1. “Uninspired. Apple should have had their agency do the ad for Pepsi.”

    Maybe they did. Maybe that’s the problem ! Apple ads have been poor for a long time.

    Don’t they have Britney and Beyonce advertising Pepsi now (they were doing somthing in London last week). They could’ve had some guy click the download button and then have Beyonce turn up in his bedroom. A bit like the “Thank you God !” kid at the end of Animal House.

  2. Wow. That was terrible. I thought it was a bad idea to have the LifeStyle theme thrown in here anyways… and I was right.

    This needed fun and pop! Instead it’s drab and boring… looks like the beginning of a slow moving movie.

    One plus is the iMac is perfectly placed and shows up well.

  3. Very anticlimactic. But who knows, maybe it’ll hit the right audiences. As I recommend iTunes to older people at my office, they are so pleased with the fact that they’re kids can legally download music, they beg for more info. They have no idea what downloading music is all about, but they know that some kids, just like the one in the commercial, were sued for lots of money.

    Any opportunity they can be informed of a way to legally download, they’ll be sure to provide some access for their kids. The more I think about it, that seems like the angle. Watch it again and look at the girl. She is so innocent looking, yet she was sued by the RIAA. Innnocent enough to be your own kid. Pepsi is putting a face to the names in the newspaper that we’ve all been reading about. And now they’re showing the alternative, and they kids can already try it out buy simply buying the same old Pepsi products they love.

    I guess we’ll know after the superbowl. Can’t wait to see those numbers.

  4. WHERE IS THE IPOD!!??? One of the greatest successes of Apple & the driving force of the whole iTunes experience and there’s not an iPod in sight.

    Hell, I could have done better w/ iMovie.


  5. I thought they should have done someting with Nelly’s “Pimp Juice”

    Boy buys Pepsi, girl notices his cap is an iTunes winner, flirts him outta that winning cap, boy is all pleased with hisself, girl sees some other guy with a Pepsi and moves on, sad kid lip synchs “she only wants me for my pimp juice.” Fade to some ending stuff with logos and “100 free songs.”

  6. After reading everyone’s posts BEFORE seeing the ad, I thought that it would be terrible.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all that great and isn’t “Superbowl commercial quality”, whatever that means, but it isn’t that bad (but I don’t think it’s great either). I think it’s more of me having an expectation that the commercial would be outrageously creative.

  7. It’s funny how the girl says ‘prosecuted’ as opposed to ‘sued by the music industry’..becasue that’s what really happened. These people weren’t prosecuted, the “law” that they fought and lost to (as the song suggests) had nothing to do with it. I just guess it doesn’t go over well to say that by using this promotion, you’re giving away money to companies that sue 12 year olds as “damage control”

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