Nudge Contextual Menu ‘nudges’ Mac OS X Finder to update its view

The Nudge Contextual Menu “nudges” the Finder to update the information it displays about a file or folder. Use it on any item (or groups of items) if you suspect the Finder hasn’t updated its view. This should work for most attribute changes, icon changes, size changes, files that have been saved, but don’t appear, and so forth.

Unfortunately, some attribute changes are NOT properly recognized. This includes the “invisible” and “package” attributes. For changes to those attributes, you must quit and restart the Finder.

Version 1.0 (size: 64k) is for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and up.

The Nudge Contextual Menu is freeware. More info and download link here.


  1. Panther’s Finder interface: excellent. Column view: great. Sidebar: great. Add in Expos� and its the best file management I’ve ever seen.

    But Panther didn’t bring what’s REALLY needed. A Finder rewrite.

    If you’re like me and sort all your files by date much of the time, you know you love to hate the way files skitter away, leaving you double-clicking the wrong thing!

  2. You can–and the result is as I described. Specifically:

    You work on a file and save it. Go back to Finder to double-click a new file to work on. The files still show the old date and the newly changed file is not on top–UNTIL you do the first click of the double-click. That makes the date refresh. Everything in the list moves by one, and the desired file skitters away in between the two clicks! Your second click lands on a different file. Insult to injury: BOTH clicks register on the wrong file, which then opens.

    Another side-effect: you are looking at a list of files to see which ones were affected by your recent changes–so you can upload them, send them to someone else, back them up, or whatever. But the dates don’t show what you’ve done. You must select each file (I like to choose the first and then hold cursor-down until reaching the end) to make it refresh. A pain.

  3. I’ve also had problems since updating to 10.3.2 in that I download a file from the net to the desktop and it doesn’t appear on the desktop. The only way I can get it to show up is to go into the Home folder and doubleclick on the desktop folder. Only then will the desktop icons refresh.

    VERY annoying. This never happened pre panther. Looks like apple tried to do some optimizations by reducing the resources the Finder uses.

    I wish they’d fix this…

  4. Nag try – instead of clicking on each file – to click on the parent directory, then again open the directory containing all your modified files: they should be refreshed all at once. (essentially you refresh the whole folder rather then file by file)

  5. This problem has greatly annoyed me for ALL versions of OS X, starting with 10.1. I’ve been patiently expecting it to be fixed in each new release. Until it get fixed, we really ned a “refresh” button in the finder window.

    If some people didn’t have the problem until Panther, or still don’t have it, could it be a file corruption, or some hidden setting somewhere? Maybe there’s hope for fixing it.

  6. Just so everyone knows, Apple has kqueue support almost ready to go. Early Panther builds had it working, but something cropped up that caused it to be removed around the 7B50 builds. It will show up sometime in the near future, hopefully before 10.4. Rest assured that this is on its way to being fixed.

  7. New files in windows (W98) shares do not appear in the Finder (OS X 10.2.8). Only solution so far is eject and reconnect. Nudge does not seem to solve the problem either.

  8. I have same problem as Emil…real pain, cause I’m constantly moving files back and forth from PC to test cross-platform functionality. I have never discovered a way to “refresh” the contents of the Windows directory as displayed on the Mac in OS X.

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