ZDNet Editor disingenuously equates Mac and Windows ‘behavioral problems’

“For users who want the slick BMW or Lexus of computers for a slight premium over the more pedestrian models, the Mac clearly wins. But the basic guts and functionality aren’t all that much different from Fords and Chevys. It’s a smoother, more enjoyable ride, but most people and corporations don’t mind a few bumps if they can pay less,” Dan


  1. Am I the only one noticing this trend of talking the Mac down and the iPod up in the same sentence? Are these journalists trying to kid us that they are being objective, or are they subconsiously wanting Apple to kill the Mac and become an iPod seller to justify their crappy Windows purchase?

  2. Farber has a point, as far as Apple’s approach to business users over the years. But targeting consumers has allowed them to float lightly, rather than getting locked down into problem platforms. They’ve been able to update meaningfully and repeatedly, and have now achieved a rock-solid OS equalled by none. Now they’re good and ready to take a look at biz, and biz is starting to notice. Once the movement gathers momentum change will be swift.

  3. The error here is ‘the basic guts and functionality aren’t all that much different’.

    That’s true of BMW versus Ford, but not of Mac versus PC. The physical hardware may well be very similar in both, but the underlying software absolutely is not.

    They are absolutely similar in terms of functionality. Apps available on both may be virtually identical, but Mac has much better software architecture. Think Windows Registry, think uninstall nightmare.

  4. I gave up on Windows after the So-Big virus messed up three of my computers, and I enjoy the Panther interface. BUT ,no, Mac has not given me way less trouble and irritation than XP. I have reformatted twice, taken out haxies, only used Apple memory and still have Kernel Panics and power management problems. My experience is that both platforms have the user spending too much time tweaking instead of being productive. Until one can turn on their computer appliance and use it with the reliability of a TV I don’t think it productive to take offense at criticism based on user experience, no matter what the source.

  5. B Savage… Rest assured that your Mac experience is nowhere normal.

    Are you running OSx? I’ve been an iMac user for 2 years… and have never had any problems. I’m on the computer 10 hours a day at least… it runs my business and my life.

    After two decades of continually losing data and time with MicroSoft operating systems – I finally have a rock solid reliable computer. Thank you Apple.

  6. B Savage,
    I develop software (meaning stuff that often goes out of its way to do something really bad) including real time networked software, and I used to have problems with OS 9 and earlier, but I have never been able to cause a kernel panic on OS X. I have never had to reformat a hard drive.

  7. I’m a bit skeptical about the reported issues that “B Savage” has had. This sounds SO far out of line with the reality that I and every user I know has ever experienced with OS X. Very suspicious.

  8. B Savage, possibly you should not install haxies, I don’t and haven’t encountered problems that would cause me to reinstall. It is possible that your kernel panics resulted from bad Apple RAM as well.

  9. B Savage,

    It sounds like you are practicing standard Windows behaviour in attempting to deal with your Mac.
    Formatting your HD is in most cases only needed in truly extreme cases.
    Also… if you are installing haxies you should expect problems.

  10. I wonder what B Savage is running on his computer? The only time I had a problem with my iBook was right before the motherboard failed last October. Other than that, I’ve never had a kernel panic with OS X.

    And my iBook stays running 24/7. Don’t reboot unless a System Update requires me to.

  11. I’ve had kernel panics on my mac with OS X, though not since 10.1. To think that *no* Macs *ever* have problems is to invite ridicule. Maybe B Savage has got a lemon of a computer. That can happen. To think that Macs are perfect, or anywhere near perfect, is just dumb. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mac considerably more (like, way more) than the PC I have to use at work, but it’s not without its headaches. (don’t even get me started on the crappy new Panther finder)

  12. For those that have XP and OSX in the same room….could you please keep an honest tally of crashes….and restarts. Those statistics will come in handy. I am a curious joe and I like real world results. Anyone?

  13. Those who do not actually have any credible experience with the Mac OS yet insist on writing comparison articles lack credibility themselves.

    Only equally misinformed readers would believe their claims as anything more than weak attempts at putting Windows in the same league with the much superior OS X. A laughable exercise indeed.

    As for stability issues:

    I just refer to one of our iMACs that has been running off the same boot of OS X Jaguar for the last 3.5 months without the need for a restart.

    I have yet to find any version of the Windows OS that would be able to run this long without encountering major issues requiring a reboot.

    Of course there are a few Mac users that have had problems, but compared to Windows, these users are few and far between and in no way approaches the level of instability Windows users deal with as a matter of so-called NORMAL operating behavior.

    Bottom line:

    Mac users tend to demand far more from their computers than Windows users. They rely on the machine’s reliability as an integral requirement for earning their livings as creative professionals. What most Windows users would consider a necessary evil of personal computing experience, is simply not acceptable to a Mac professional.

    I guess when your personal time is worth so little in real world dollars and cents, you can afford to look the other way at the thousands of wasted hours the average Windows user expends in a lifetime dealing with the mediocrity that is the Wintel experience.

  14. The only time I had a Kernel panic with OSX was with Virtual PC (MacOSX 10.1.5 and VPC5.0 – a known problem that was fixed in a VPC update). Since then, I have only had to force quit the occasional application.

    MacOSX is a dream.


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