Apple debuts ‘iTunes Music Store RSS Feed Generator’

Apple is now offering customizable RSS feeds for their iTunes Music Store. These RSS feeds can be can be used with news aggregators such as NetNewsWire, MacReporter, etc. Apple’s ‘iTunes Music Store RSS Feed Generator’ allows you to create feeds of New Releases, Just Added, Top Songs, Top Albums, or Featured Albums & Exclusives with custom genres and feed size. Genres include: Alternative, Audiobooks, Blues, Children’s Music, Classical, Comedy, Country, Dance, Electronic, Folk, Hip Hop/Rap, Holiday, Inspirational, Jazz, Latin, New Age, Opera, Pop. R&B/Soul, Reggae, Rock, Soundtrack, Spoken Word, Vocal, and World.

Apple’s ‘iTunes Music Store RSS Feed Generator’ can be found here.

[MacDailyNews Reminder: the MacDailyNews RSS feed is available for users of news aggregators at the bottom of every MDN page – it’s the orange “XML” badge, just copy the URL and paste it into your aggregator of choice and you’ll have a live link to MDN 24/7!]


  1. I thought MDN had a bit more detail, but I subscribe to MDN because I consider it an aggregator of Mac News. When I’m in NetNewsWire its fine to have 5-10 Mac News & Rumor subscription, but for my desktop feed, I want just one, and MDN does a good job of collecting news from the other sources; making commentary, etc.

  2. What! Is MDN having a break? When they should be writing news 24/7!
    Argghh! Don’t tell me that they need sleep too!
    MDN hands on the keyboard! Start typing!

  3. Full Speed had the story at 5:54am – did MacMinute copy from Full Speed? And who cares, anyway?

    I love MacDailyNews. I pledge my allegiance to MacDailyNews. MacMinute is for ‘tards.

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