DVD drive required to install Apple’s GarageBand application

“Apple resellers are running short of iLife ’04 stocks as eager Mac users race to install the new versions of Apple’s consumer creativity tools, but there’s a snag for some. iLife ’04 includes two installation disks inside its


  1. The iLfe ’04 Box clearly lists the following:


    DVD containing GarageBand, iTunes, iPhoto, iMove and iDVD.
    Cd containing iTunes, iPhoto and iMovie.


    Macinotsh computer with a PowerPC G3, G4 or G5 processor
    600 MHz G3 or faster required for GarageBand
    G4 or faster required for GarageBand software instruments
    733MHz G4 or faster required for iDVD
    256MB of physical RAM
    Display with at Least 1024-by- 768 pixel resolution
    Mac OS Xv10.2.6 or later (v10.2.8 or later recommended)
    Quicktime 6.4 or later (Quicktime 6.5 included)
    DVD drive required to install GarageBand and iDVD
    4.3GB of disk space require to install GarageBand, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD; or 250MB to install iTunes, iPhoto and iMovie only

    Nothing “class actionable” about it.

  2. Apple is all about advancing, I have told numerous people who were penny pinching and going with combo drives only instead of Superdrives,

    “Get the Superdrive” I would say, “technology advances and you’ll be one stuck burning 400 cd’s to back up your music collection instead of only just 5”

    Do they listen, noooooo!

  3. It’s penny-pinching if they could afford it. If they couldn’t, it’s just being sensible. I cajoled a friend into buying an eMac (combo) from eBay rather than new with CD only or worse – a Dell, because they were the options available on his budget.

    So those people who couldn’t afford a combo drive but have otherwise up-to-spec Macs are perhaps being unnecessarily excluded at this point. Consider that there’s a CD and a DVD in each box. They could have two boxes and not put the CD in 75% of them and not put the DVD in 25% of them, but have all apps (except iDVD) on 3 or four CDs instead. Same total number of physical discs in circulation, fewer pissed off customers.

    The 1024×768 limitation is perhaps more understandable for iMovie & GarageBand, but my (older) version of iPhoto will run at a minimum width of 800, so I don’t see why that, at least, shouldn’t run OK. It’s a shame f they increase the minimum specs without reason.

  4. It IS possible to add an external (or sometimes internal) DVD drive, if you’re one of the few with a recent enough Mac to make good use of the app, yet lack DVD support. And then you have a DVD drive for all time–not a bad investment.

    This is a consumer app, but it hides heavy-duty power. High requirements go with that territory, I’m afraid.

  5. “Judging from the processor reuirements just to USE GarageBand (600MHz G3 or faster, G4 or faster required for instruments), it would seem unlikely to me that a computer which meets those requirements wouldn’t have a DVD player…”

    Well, I have a 733mHz Quicksilver G4 that doesn’t have a DVD drive, though in all other respects it meets the requirements for Garageband. Question is, do I upgrade just to get this one app? There’s nothing else I do on my Mac right now that requires a DVD and the Quicksilver is easily powerful enough for my everyday needs.

    In any event, I don’t think anyone has grounds for complaint; Apple has been pretty upfront about this, it’s not exactly news.

  6. I’ve never done this and would never condone it, but I’ve heard of kids walking into Apple stores with their iPods, plugging them into Macs and copying software from the store’s Macs over to their iPods. That’s definitely one way to avoid having to have a DVD drive.

  7. macuser_e7: I find it really hard to believe that a Quicksilver G4 doesn’t have a DVD drive. NOT a SuperDrive or DVD-R mind you, but just a DVD reading drive? My 400MHz Sawtooth G4 has a ComboDrive (DVD read, CD-RW) and that’s much older than your Quicksilver.

  8. I’m glad GarageBand requires DVD to install… and 1024×768 min resolution. Keep’s the gimps and gorms out of the picture. I mean, do you really want to hear some gorm’s 1000 layer loop opus. They’re the same demographic that uses page-curl and lens-flare in Photoshop –lovely.

  9. The low price of the iLife package obviates annoyances such as the rather extreme platform requirements of GarageBand. Had iLife cost $99 the GarageBand requirements would have been far more annoying.

    Truthfully, I’m more annoyed at the price given that the only portion of the program I have any real use for is iPhoto, since iTunes is available separately for free.

    I can’t excuse release of the program on DVD only when Apple has in the past year sold machines that meet all of the other requirements of the program–that’s just stupid, and just plain niggardly–what would the cost have been to span GarageBand over multiple CD’s–an extra dollar?

    Better to think of GarageBand as a separate $99 program that has free teaser included in the iLife package.

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