DVD drive required to install Apple’s GarageBand application

“Apple resellers are running short of iLife ’04 stocks as eager Mac users race to install the new versions of Apple’s consumer creativity tools, but there’s a snag for some. iLife ’04 includes two installation disks inside its


  1. I will take a paid download, screw the multible CD thing, that was played out with the multi-diskette installment requirements from way back in the day of the 3.5″

  2. Judging from the processor reuirements just to USE GarageBand (600MHz G3 or faster, G4 or faster required for instruments), it would seem unlikely to me that a computer which meets those requirements wouldn’t have a DVD player…

    (of course, I’ll concede that I was only thinking of the consumer Macs, not the edu or pro Macs.)

  3. Joe… I would agree. I’m sure that’s the angle Apple used when making the decision.

    I wouldn’t think a multiple CD version should be out of the question for specific customers who request it. I do think providing a downloadable version of GB would be somewhat cost prohibitive (and could ultimately cause Apple to raise the price of iLife to justify the bandwidth costs.)

    I would guess that one of the reasons iLife ’04 is so cheap is because they’re no longer funding the bandwidth for downloadable versions of iMovie and iPhoto.

  4. Garage Band has too many loops to be downloadable. Same as how iDVD is too large (it includes large video files) to be downloaded. Also the same reason neither are on DVD.

    It is unfortunate that they don’t offer Garage Band on CDs, but there has to be a cut off point somewhere. With no more non DVD computers for sale, they have to move forward.

  5. DVD requirement, that was a problem, had to work around that. But my real problem is that they didn’t make it real clear that you have to have a 1024×768 or higher to even run these apps any more!

    My wife’s Mac is an original iBook with max res of 800×600. She doesn’t do much, but she does like to look at iPhoto and now I upgraded the host Mac with iPhoto ’04, updated the library and now I can’t even install the new Iphoto on her computer.

    Get the new stuff, even got the family pack and all I got was screwed.

    I love Apple, but when they do screwie crap like this, is really pisses me off!

  6. I bought a family pack and one of my iMacs doesn’t have a DVD drive, but has FireWire. So I thought, I’ll just copy the DVD to my iPod and install it that way… It didn’t work…

  7. oddrock: What does it say on the package? Does it state the hardware requirements? If yes, you have no valid reason to complain. If no, then go ask for a refund.
    BTW: I am screwed, too, with my G3/400 tuppermac with no DVD support. But hell, it’s almost six years old, time for an upgrade.

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