iPod Access 3.0 for Mac OS X released

Findley Designs has released iPod Access 3.0 for Mac OS X.

iPod Access copies songs from your iPod back to your Macintosh. Unlike almost all the other iPod applications on the market today iPod Access utilizes the iPods internal database to display song information. By using the database song listings can be displayed instantly, playlist data can be viewed, and songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store can be displayed properly. Most other applications much fetch song data from each song individually making them extremely slow and incompatible with file formats other than regular MP3s.

Features include:
– Panther (OS X 10.3) Support
– Easy to use interface
– Instant listing of all iPod songs
– Playlist Support
– Playlist Cloning into iTunes
– AAC file support (including iTunes Music store songs)
– Audible.com support
– Song Navigation by Artist/Album or Composer/Album
– Copy songs organized by Artist/Album or Composer/Album
– Single button sequential backups
– Attempts to recover songs from iPods with a damaged database.
– Play songs directly from the iPod
– Support for PC formatted Hard drives
– File renaming on copy and backup
– Support for Multiple iPods
– Fast and secure payment processing

iPod Access is US$10. The unregistered version has the following limitations: only 5 songs many be copied at a time, the Backup, Recover Songs, and Playlist Cloning into iTunes functions are disabled.

More info and download link here.


  1. O.K., I’ll say something.

    “Unlike almost all the other iPod applications on the market today . . . database song listings can be displayed instantly”

    I use iPodRip ($9) and its playlist also is displayed instantly! It uses an interface similar to iTunes by displaying songs by Genre, Artist, and Album the same way iTunes does, shows playlists, ratings, copies songs directly to iTunes or to another location on your hard drive, and the program can be used to play songs on your iPod without opening iTunes.


    I am not connected to the iPodRip people in anyway (I work for a newspaper) I’m just a happy customer.

    FYI – “Clutter,” a free program to get album art is also very cool.


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