Sony debuts ‘Giga Pavit’ a 2GB ‘iPod mini wannabe’ audio player

“Sony has taken the wraps off its first hard-disk drive-based audio player, saying the gadget, to be sold under its Aiwa brand name, will be available worldwide from April. The Giga Pavit is based on a 2GB drive from Cornice whose “storage element” drives are already used in several other digital music players. Its 2GB capacity version was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week,” Martyn Williams reports for Digit Magazine Online.

“The drive provides enough storage space to accommodate around 500 songs, with the device’s USB 2.0 interface able to transfer an hour’s worth of CD quality audio in about 18 seconds, according to Sony. It supports MP3 format files at fixed or variable bit rate. Two versions of the player are available. The HZ-WS2000 has an in-line remote control in the headphone cable, while the HZ-DS2000 has all the components built into the main case. The former player measures 91-x-56mm


  1. Assuming it costs that much when it gets here, you are right, MDN.

    However, all you mac guys who have paid 3x more than you had to for a computer over the last few years cannot really be called blunder free, can you?

  2. When the iPod mini was announced every anti-Mac tech writer pointed out that it was $50 less than the 15 GB iPod and was thus too expensive. Let’s see if anyone of those hypocrites will call SONY’s Giga Pavit too expensive.

  3. … and Joe, really, if you think equivalent mac machines are 3x the price, then there’s really no way to discuss your point, cause you’re just living on a whole other planet. 1.2x to 1.5x the price for the initial purchase? Sure, no argument there. I’ll gladly spend the extra money for the day in day out computer experience that is much more satisfying. And don’t get me started on the total cost of ownership.

    Also I’ve been using windows at work for the past 8 years. So I’m not just blindly following some mac ideology.

    As for this Sony product, I really have no idea what they are thinking. Unless of course they have found some magical new interface that is even more intuitive and pleasant than the ipod…. which, I doubt.

  4. Kinda makes the iPod mini look positively cheap in comparison! Mind you I bet those Sony machines will sell for a lot less retail when they are out.

    Had a look on the aiwa website, they look really bad. iPod looks to be a much better design.

    Sol: Sony’s device is obviously a non starter, but it doesn’t change the fact for me at least that the mini should be $50 less. Portable MP3 players are just way too expensive, period. They need to come down across the board.

    Joe: Macs are not now more expensive than PC’s. Everyone who is up to date knows that. Just have to look at the Virginia Tech supercomputer if you don’t believe me.

  5. Sony is going to introduced an online music store later this year called “Connect” or something like that.

    Joe you can make your points without exaggerating or do you have any point to your post?

  6. A sub $200 Sony mp3 player would have given apple competition… they blew it…. looks like the iPod’s competition next years will be the minis ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    i can tell… six months from now, other PC makers will be knocking on Apple’s door wanting a similar deal HP got… Someone like Gateway should be looking at how much money it could make re-selling these ipods… MP3 players will be a big business… and yup… Apple is the new Microsoft of this industry… early 2004 seems to be microsoft’s last stand in this area… and by the looks of it all of their recent moves haven’t been working…

    Maybe other manufacturers are betting on Micro$oft’s music store… but with the way mp3 players are being sold… M$ won’t catch up to Apple’s lead… End of the year, when the MP3 player market really booms… Apple will likely still has the same lead… and with the iTunes-iPod lock they have… they’re going to rule!

  7. On the price thing… I bought one of the first generation 12″ PowerBooks with a SuperDrive and 60GB options. I later compared this with another brand I like, Sony. Now their VIAO with smaller (albeit better) LCD was about the same weight but slightly smaller than the PowerBook (but not in thickness, I think). Total cost of the Sony was about an extra �200.

  8. This is really weird! Between the ComputerWorld article about Macs being way cheaper for servers, the VT supercomputer, and now this price and capability difference in music players, I never thought I would see the day that my favorite computer company is gradually being labeled the CHEAPEST ALTERNATIVE as well as the BEST QUALITY!

    Maybe Apple should start raising their prices?!

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