BusinessWeek columnist: IT ‘Macophobia’ abating; Apple’s opportunity to break into corporations is n

“Finally, an opening for Apple in IT,” Alex Salkever writes for BusinessWeek. “Macs as Unix workstations, the rise of laptops, and the dangers of a Microsoft ‘monoculture’ are combining to create a real opportunity [for Apple].”

Salkever writes, “…the opportunity lies in the corporations that long ago stopped paying attention to Macs. Right now, three key trends are leading IT guys to take a second look at Apple. The first is the lure of the cheap and dirty Unix workstation. The second is the rise of laptops. The third, and most potent, is the growing frustration with the Microsoft monoculture and all too common worm attacks that gum up corporate networks. All three factors have long lurked in the background, but now they can’t be avoided.”

“So Apple has a happy trifecta. The Unix and Linux crowds love their Macs. The whole world is going laptop, where Apple has a strong hand. And the Microsoft monoculture has enabled killer worms to devastate networks. These three trends should fuel a slow but steady rise of interest in Apple products at corporations. Even more important, these forces have seeded the IT ranks with a young crowd of Apple fans who don’t have the Macophobia that has gripped Corporate America for the past decade,” Salkever.

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