Jobs: Apple vs. Apple ‘could drag on for years – it’s unfortunate because we love the Beatles’

“A battle over name rights between the Apple computer company and Apple Corps, the Beatles


  1. It’s unfortunate that the supposedely ‘free’ and ‘enlightened’ generation is stooping to such lows over a name. And all because of money! Of course! As usual it’s the lawyers who make out like bandits. 🙁

  2. the whole thing is disgusting. F*ck “Sir” Paul McCartney, he was always only about money. No soul, and Yoko Ono should know better. It’s a disgrace to John Lennon…

  3. Simple Question:
    When was the last time one of the four members of the Beatles released an album of new material on “Apple” records? None of the members even bothered during their solo careers. McCartney was on Cap/EMI, Lenon on Geffen/WB, etc. Apple Records exists just as a legal entity to collect royalties for the estates of the former members. Does the presence of a computer company in any way infringe on their ability to continue to do the same?
    All this is a shakedown.
    What’s next? Is MacIntosh, the stereo component manufacturer, going to sue Apple for the use of the term Macintosh? At least they have been making products the last 30 years. If they don’t have a problem with it, I cannot see Paul, Ringo, and the rest having a problem.

    P.S. As an American, I don’t recognize the appendage “Sir”. We fought a war to get rid of that shit over 200 years ago. The only people I address as “Sir” are men I respect. Paul and Ringo are not among that number any more.

  4. All Apple Corps’s troubles seemed so far away…

    But not it looks like there here to stay..

    At least for a few years it looks like. Has anybody ever really mistaken one company for the other? I think that the once big lable Apple Corps is just after money. They want to go after Apple CoMp’s deep pocket book to add to thier own. I wouldn’t blame the Beatles. Many artists are unhappy with the actions of thier labels.

    BTW, How can you have a reunion with only two(3? I think that another one passed away, no? Anyway) Beatles left?

  5. NoPCZone

    Sir Paul has done a lot of good for the poorer members of UK society, hence the knighthood. You don’t have to recognise the title, but it is well deserved, and you shouldn’t dismiss the man and his work just because of this lawsuit. Let’s face it, if Apple’s lawyers hadn’t agreed to stay out of music all those years ago, this wouldn’t be happening. It was (for Apple) a bad settlement, and one their lawyers should have seen as a potential problem.

  6. TW, How can you have a reunion with only two(3? I think that another one passed away, no? Anyway) Beatles left?

    Follow Zeldman’s link above for your answer. It’s in poor taste, but funny.

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