Dell preps its own ‘iPod’ hard drive portable music player

“Dell is about to crank up the jukebox,” John G. Spooner reports for CNET “The PC maker is preparing to unveil a new consumer-electronics plan under which it will sell two new devices, including a portable music player, under its brand name for the holidays.”

“Outside of computers, Dell has put its name on only a limited number of product categories, such as printers, network switches, projectors and USB storage devices. But the company, which sells several consumer-electronics products via its software and peripherals business and online store, believes that offering more such devices can help it meet revenue goals,” Spooner reports.

“Round Rock, Texas-based Dell is expected to discuss its latest consumer-electronics plans during a press conference Thursday, which will also outline an upgrade of its online store and touch on new Axim handhelds. One of its first new consumer-electronics devices will be a hard drive-based portable MP3 player, sources familiar with Dell’s plans said. The player, which is expected to include a 15GB drive, will compete with others in the market, most notably Apple Computer’s iPod. Dell sells the iPod on its own site and is expected to continue its sale after the debut Dell’s own player,’ Spooner reports. “Dell is not likely to unveil many other details about the device–or of any new products it intends to offer–on the call. The company is more apt to provide those details when the products ship in a range of possible dates in October or early November.”

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  1. CNET’s call on Dell being the most influencial computer company are ringing true. They must have somehow “influenced” Apple to innovate the iPod 2 years ago. Get a life Dell.

  2. What price? I would guess $199 for the Digital Jukebox. Of course it will be larger then the iPod and not have firewire. We’ll have to wait and see what this innovator has brought us!

  3. Efficiency and Innovation are two different things. Dell does the former, and Apple does the latter. There is hardly anything innovative about Dell. Internally maybe but it’s products hardly cause the pangs of devotion that Apple products do.

  4. GREAT!!!! More PC JUNK on the market. OH MY I hope it matches the frekin ugly non produtive black boxes that Dell turns out…” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> LOL

  5. DUUUUUUDE!!!! This POS mp3 really smells!

    But it’ll probably cost less than the iPod. They’ve gotta have some way to market it. I do think that it (the iPod) needs to come down in price a bit. It think that Apple should re-offer a 5GB model in the latest form factor for less than $200. That’d be just about right for my needs.

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