U.S. District Judge orders Microsoft to pay Massachusetts $967K in attorney fees

“The federal judge in the Microsoft Corp. antitrust trial ordered the software company Monday to pay Massachusetts $967,014.52 in attorney fees, less than half what the state had sought,” The Associated Press reports. “U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly criticized the attorney general in Massachusetts for offering ‘deficient documentation and lack of explanation’ for the higher figure, calling her decision a ‘generous award.'”

“Massachusetts had demanded $2,012,377.72 from Microsoft,” AP reports. “Kollar-Kotelly’s ruling was a final jab at Massachusetts, the only state to refuse to settle the landmark antitrust case. In its legal appeal, the state had earlier accused the judge of a ‘profound misunderstanding’ when she approved the settlement among Microsoft, the Justice Department and 18 other states.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Awwww, on second thought, forget it.


  1. This is just wrong. This is no better than the Beatles going after Apple. The states smelled money. They couldn’t have cared less about the dangers of a Microsoft monopoly. They just saw deep pockets. None of this will change the way Microsoft operates.

    If the Federal Government had wanted to make a difference, they could have stepped in and said that open standards would be required for all Federal contracts, instead of taking MS to court. Nothing has been gained. Lots of wasted tax payer money.


  2. Nothing has been gained because the Bush administration stepped in, the DOJ changed hands, and MS was given a free pass the Democrats weren’t ready to hand them. Good for Massachusetts, not folding like the others when the feds backed down.

  3. Shut the hell up Nag. This isn’t the result of the current administration, or any past administrations. Unless you’ve got some evidence to put forth other than your politcal rancor, move on.

    Back on topic:
    It’s not much of a surprise that Mass got some of it’s legal fees reimbursed, as it’s pretty common when one wins a court case, particularly one involving a lengthy court battle. Whether or not the sum was sufficient is for the Massachusetts government to discern, but I’ve no doubt they probably tacked on a little to the top for the hell of it.

  4. Bush did indeed change the DOJ. That’s pretty basic facts. Thanks for the thoughtful contribution though ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Looks like Bill Gates will be fishing down the back of his sofa for this paltry amount.

    But then again, fines of any amount aren’t the answer – break ’em up, and ripping their monopolised hearts out is the real solution.

    But that ain’t gonna happen whilst Bush is in power, who do you think contributed greatly to his election funds?

    All this corruption stinks.

  6. OK, slighly off topic, but reading the comments here, I’m getting something off my chest. If you don’t agree, great, that is what free speech is about.

    ***** Begin Rant *****

    I don’t blame Bush for all this, because I don’t think the man has got the brainpower. It’s Saddam’s former ally and friend, Mr. Rumsfeld, and that crooked as hell VP you have over there that really have to be shown what arrogance comes before. No wonder Colin Powell is jumping ship. He’s probably sick to his stomach of all of them.

    Even the Republicans amongst you must realise just how nasty this current administration is. Sell guns to dictators, then send US troops to be shot at by the same weapons? America is a great country, and it deserves better.

    **** End Rant ****

  7. Morons. The MS antitrust thing was going sour BEFORE Bush took office – reveiw the timeline. Bush is smarter than most of you think, too. Finally, MS will get theirs in the end.

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