Tempe, Arizona School District ready to go with 1,400 new Apple eMacs

“Apples aren’t just for teachers anymore. With two new Apple eMac computers installed in each classroom of the Tempe Elementary District’s 24 schools, students will be learning how to use technology and the Internet as learning tools,” Jessica Wanke reports for The Arizona Republic.

“‘We have always tried to stay abreast of information technology and using technology in the classrooms,’ said Jack Sarrett, director of information systems for the district. The 1,400 new flat-screen monitors and computers are designed specifically for education and were installed over the summer. They will cost the district $2.15 million over the next three years, which will be paid out of a fund for technology, buses and textbooks,” Wanke reports.

Full article here.


  1. I think old howard is pretty sad in his wintel world, anyways there are many schools taking advantage of the emac, a very durable computer. meanwhile howards I.T. dept continues to grow as do those software applications to combat all those nasty viruses. Poor Pinellas county, no wonder i got the hell out of there 20 years ago.

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