New PowerBook replacement batteries offer up 30% more capacity

Newer Technology, Inc. (NewerTech() and Other World Computing (OWC) have introduced a new line of high-capacity batteries designed for Apple Computer’s PowerBook G4 and G3 models.

The NuPower line of Lithium Ion batteries from NewerTech offer up to 30 percent more capacity than stock batteries standard with the PowerBooks and at prices starting at US$139.99.

“The NuPower batteries set a new standard for battery life for G4 and G3 users everywhere, said Larry O’Connor, president of OWC in the press release. “Everyone knows that battery life is a very critical aspect of successful on-the-go computing. Whether you’d like to replace an older battery that just isn’t performing like it used to or are in the market for a spare, our NuPower Li-Ions deliver the longest run times of any stock replacement batteries available today.”

The NuPower Li-Ion G4 Titanium Battery works with all 15-inch PowerBook models (400MHz to 1GHz) and delivers 14.8 volts and 4400mAH, providing 65 watt-hours and making it the longest lasting PowerBook G4 battery available today by as much as 30 percent compared to the original Apple Ti Battery. Retail price: $139.99.

NuPower Li-Ion G3 Batteries for G3 Lombard (1999/Bronze Keyboard) and G3 FireWire (2000/Pismo) series PowerBooks are 10.8 volts and 5400mAH, providing 12.5 percent more capacity versus stock Lombard and FireWire batteries. Retail price: $149.99.

The NuPower Li-Ion G3 Battery for G3 WallStreet (1998/Black Keyboard) series PowerBooks delivers 14.4 volts and 4500mAH, providing 25 percent more capacity than the stock Apple WallStreet Battery. Retail price: $139.99.

“You really don’t think about your laptop battery until you need to,” O’Connor said in the press release. “It’s when you’re dimming your screen and engaging every last power-saver mode to get those extra minutes that you’re wishing your battery lasted longer. In those situations our NuPower batteries come in mighty handy.”

NewerTech NuPower batteries are available through OWC at [url=][/url] and visit [url=][/url] for additional information.


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