Apple gearing up for Enterprise business?

“Apple has formed a new Enterprise division aimed at courting corporate buyers,” reports Nick dePlume for “The group, which Think Secret first received word of six months ago, is reportedly led by a former Oracle executive; Apple has restructured the company’s enterprise sales force under this new executive.”

“Apple hasn’t yet made any official announcements about the group, but sources said it will probably be formally unveiled later in the year when new server products are released. One insider said the new division will be ‘huge’ for the enterprise market,” dePlume reports.

“The division is quietly gearing up its operations, but is reportedly working in a sort of “test phase.” Think Secret has spoken with several corporate buyers who have interacted with the new venture, speaking with members of an “Enterprise Sales Group” that says it focuses on the Xserve and Xserve RAID. Apple has apparently been canvassing potential corporate buyers with sales calls in recent weeks,” dePlume reports.

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  1. it’s about time…part of the reason I believe corporations never took Apple seriously is a lack of an enterprise division to demonstrate how Apple products could benefit them.

    I also think Apple could take a page from HP, checking out the article on the front cover of Fast Company on how they were able to steal a major contract for P&G from IBM and EDS.

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