Intel 2002 Annual Report: ‘Made With Mac’

“Intel does use Apple machines and software, and seems to rely on it when producing its annual results,” reports Adamson Rust for The Inquirer. “If you go the Intel web site and download the Acrobat PDF for its financial 2002 report… you will find a very surprising thing when you click on the document properties” which shows the report was Made With Mac..

Adamson chides, Intel, “Nothing like backing your own products, is there? And this is nothing like that.”

Full article, link to report, and screenshot of document properties dialog box here.


  1. Sheesh…why do we Mac users always look for ANYTHING we can to push our cause…this is simply a case of Intel hiring a design firm to make their Annual Report. Intel didn’t use anything, they sent their stuff to someone else so they could do a great job on their Annual Report. They only thing you might fault them for is not checking to see if the firm uses Macs…but then they’d get reamed for being closed minded for discriminating against a company because they use Macs.

  2. The funny thing is that Intel IS backing their own product here.

    After all, EVERY Mac since the first iMac has USB, and USB is quite definitely an Intel product.

  3. I agree with keynote.

    The majority of every print project is produced on a Mac. The Windows packaging was probably done in illustrator on a Mac. The Intel logo was probably designed on a Mac. Most every annual report by any large company will be produced by a studio or agency using macs. Certainly not news as much as it is an entertaining tid bit of information. *** BREAKING STORY *** DELL logo designed on a MAC! *** Sheesh ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Childish? Have you ever seen an executive blow a gasket for using the competitor’s product? I have. This is just the type of thing that drives them nuts. Case in point – “Coke Driver Allegedly Fired For Drinking Pepsi”

    Talk about “making a mountain out of a mole hill”, this story went world-wide. Rather than having maybe a few people view this sacraligious act, millions through the world now know via the media. Maybe the driver was just a big Britney Spears fan?

    From my sources at Intel, they are much better managed than Coca-Cola. I really doubt they will fall for the bait- at least publicly.

  5. I don’t Intel would care – they would love it if Macs could run on Intel (besides sticking it to a couple competitors, it would increase their cachet). It would more of a PR problem is Microsoft’s annual report were done on a mac.

    The original Intel swirl TV logo was done on a mac.

  6. They don’t state it but the pdf was probably not produced in-house. The real story is more likely that intel contracted some company using Macs to produce their annual report. Who cares. They sure have an ugly website though!

  7. What I found more interesting than the platform is that the PDF file was generated with Acrobat Distiller 3.0. Geesh–someone needs to update their software! Using the PitStop Acrobat plugin, I can see that they also failed to embed their main body font, Dutch801BT-Roman. Few things look more amateurish than an online PDF with missing fonts–the default AdobeMM font stands out like jeans at a black-tie event.


  8. Realities of this situation aside (contracted firm, old version of Distiller, whatever), what this story indicates is that on some level – when productivity and application functionality is important – even Intel turns to a Mac.

    Did we all know it already? Sure. Is it important news? No. It’s funny, though. And if I depended on an Intel-based machine to perform similar functions (document processing, graphics, whatever) I would see this and wonder why I wasn’t on a Mac, too.

  9. Even funnier than the fact that the annual report was produced on a Mac is the stock photo art on the last page (ar02.pdf). If you look closely at the computers pictured, you’ll notice that the browser on the screens is Internet Explorer for Macintosh! This is on a page with the title, “Intel Around the World”! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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