Renew .Mac for free; Apple launches .Mac “Refer a Friend” promotion

Not yet a .Mac member? Get ready to hear abut what you’re missing and why you should sign up from all of your .Mac-using friends. Apple has announced “Refer a Friend’ for .Mac. From Apple’s .Mac site:

“Love .Mac? Getting ready to renew? Here’s an easy way to turn your friends on to the power and convenience of .Mac services


  1. Ahhh great, a .mac pyramid scheme. You might want to start preparing 5 different excuses for those 5 friends when .mac experiences one of it’s value added crashes. I didn’t sign up last year and I won’t be signing up this year, at least not for $100.

  2. Okay, I’ll be the contrarian. I love .mac. Recently, it was enormously convenient when I decided to play around with developer versions of an OS. No matter what I did, all my calendar, bookmarks, and contact info were secure. That alsone was worth the price. On top of that, blah, blah, blah………I think most of us know what .mac does. It will alsways be a question of whether it is worth it. For me, with a bunch of users in my family to support, it’s a real convenience. I signed up last year for $49, and I will renew again this year for $100, and I will probably add two full subscriptions. Even at $300, it’s less than two lattes per week.

  3. Just subscribed to .Mac last week. I needed the convenience of synching my address book to the web. Now when I am on the road I have access to all my key contact info, calendars, key documents as well as the comfort of knowing that my key folders are being backed up.

    Palm used to give us a similar service to synch contacts and calendars with a web client, but they discontinued it. .Mac is really nice since I can even get to my stuff from a Wintel Machine in any Internet Cafe around the world…

  4. I was pissed at Apple for breaking the contract. They had after all promised membership for free forever as part of my OS 9 box. I anyway signed up last year for $50. It has been almost worth it but I think a lot of people refused to sign up out of anger, and I will not renew my membership this year unless the price is reduced significantly. I cannot rely on the email account for serious stuff since it is down too often so I use it only as my “spam account”. .Mac should come included when buying OS X or a new Mac. What “Friend” would you seriously rocommend this service to?

  5. .Mac should be included with a paid copy of OS X or a new Mac. My .Mac email address was included forever with my OS 9 box, and in my opinion Apple broke that contract and it made me pissed. I anyway reluctantly signed up at the $50 intro price. But the email account is so unreliable that I can’t trust to use it for my serious stuff, so I use it only as my spam can.
    I will not renew my membership at a full price and I value the relationship to my friends much enough not to recommend .Mac.

  6. I LOVE .Mac. Cuz then I have an email address that stays the same, so I can safely switch ISP’s every 30 – 90 days, and I end up paying NOTHING for my internet access! AOL one month, Earthlink the next, then I sign up for Verizon DSL and take the first 3 months at a discount then BAMM! I switch to Comcast for whatever THEIR promotion is. and My email address is just All the time!

  7. At $2 per week, I get my use out of it. Having quick access to all of the license-free music for my home videos is worth it. I know of a few friends that are running their own businesses from it (freelance photographers). They like the ease of displaying photos and editing the pages on a weekly basis.

    Nothing is for everyone (except oxygen and water). For some, $99 is too much for a .Mac email address, for others it’s a very small price for an annual membership to a very useful club.

  8. Refer a friend – A .mac pyramid scheme?

    Do they understand how low this is.

    Apple, please, respectable companies or people dont this!
    What will the next step be, selling ads and spamming us all??

  9. Yeah, a pyramid scheme. Unless you buy all your clothes, food, cars ETC, DIRECTLY at the manufacturer’s plants, you are all involved in pyramid schemes and don’t even know it dumbos. Worst of all, you don’t even get paid for it. LOL.

  10. Everything is a pyramid scheme dummies. Take a strawberry.
    —Strawberry is picked in a field in California.
    —————-sold to local co-op—————-
    ———–sold to national brokers——————-
    ————sold to supermarket chains——————
    ———supermarket chains distributes it to warehouses nationwide——-
    ————————–product is delivered to local stores————————-
    ————————–local supermarket chain then sells to consumers————————

    Quite a neat little “pyramid scheme” there eh? Unless you buy directly from a factory, manufacturer or field, YOU are participating in pyramid schemes for EVERYTHING you buy, unwillingly and unknowingly and guess what? You are not getting paid for it.

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