Time Magazine says AppleMusic.com one of ‘50 Best Websites’

Time has picked AppleMusic.com as one of the 50 Best Websites, writing, “Right now you need a Mac and the iTunes program, but pretty soon Windows PC users will be able to take advantage of this, the best (legal) music service online today. Its brilliance lies in its simplicity: you pay 99 cents per track, with no monthly fee, and you can burn the songs to a CD, stash ’em in your iPod or both.”

Full article here.


  1. I have a question: Why is Applemusic.com hosted on Sun Solaris instead of OS X Server? The same is true of Quicktime,com. How can Apple expect to sell servers when even they do not use them?

  2. NoPCZone,

    Very good question, but the answer is probably that Apple doesn’t yet have enterprise-quality hardware powerful enough to handle the extremely heavy traffic associated with music or QuickTime downloads. I don’t think the problem is with OS X Server, which by all accounts can scale well enough.But then again, what do I know?

  3. Apple hosts the music store itself off of Xserves, I thought.

    (Odd to call the Music Store a web site, although in a way it is one–with iTunes as the browser.)

  4. To “theman-x” and off topic: You can place as many Macs as you wish in parallel. There are instructions and freeware available as download by many universities to do this. It is rather simple and does NOT require the computers to be matched. I have seen G4s towers use a bank of iMacs and Performas as parallel processors.

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