Wintel PC assemblers trying to match Apple’s laptop offerings

“Hewlett-Packard said this week it plans to sell a 17-inch consumer laptop by the end of the year… So far shoppers have shown that they increasingly want to switch from desktops to laptops, but they are not willing to give up screen size or processing power in the transition. They are willing to give up their backs, however — the widescreen laptops tend to weigh at least 6.5 pounds, while those with Pentium 4 processors approaching 3 gigahertz can weigh closer to 9 pounds, writes on Fortt for The Mercury News.

“The exception is Apple Computer, which pioneered the use of wide screens in portable computers. Its 15-inch model weighs just 5.4 pounds, and its 17-inch widescreen model weighs 6.8 pounds… Widescreen laptops, an idea that Apple Computer made popular with its Titanium PowerBook in 2001, are just now becoming a viable trend in the world of Windows PCs. When manufacturers tried them in the past, they were a dud, said Martin Reynolds at Gartner — largely because Windows operating systems don’t make it easy to take advantage of the extra-wide screen space,” Fortt writes.

Full article here.


  1. As always it’s the PC market following Apple’s lead in hardware design. Everyone want’s their laptops have the “Titanium” look and feel. Now they want the widescreen laptops that Apple pioneered. Go figure? I really can’t wait until the new Micrsoft Athens PC comes out so we have some real innovation!!! <Inser Sarcasm Here>

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