A new Power Mac 970 image surfaces

MacDailyNews has received this image from an anonymous source that is purported to be indicative of the new Power Mac 970, which some are calling the “Power Macintosh G5.”

While better than yesterday’s “Power Mac G5,” this image could very well be a hoax of the 3D-rendered variety, an Apple prototype case that’ll never ship, a plant by someone or some company to obfuscate the real Power Macintosh design, or an aluminum step-on wastebasket from Apple’s upcoming office accessories collection (it matches the file cabinet).

Seriously, the lack of expansion cutouts on the front of the case signals to us either a fake or that Apple plans to ship varied cases based upon the expansion needs of the customer.

What do you think?


  1. Nice. The handle design fits with whats been described so far, but as the article says no ports on the front, and what about the case opening from the side? That’s one of the best features of the current PowerMac design.

    These pics are all good fun, but nobody’s gonna know for sure till Monday.. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> And I want a PPC970 Powerbook anyway..

  2. Seems too bulky for single optical drive. Turn the drive sideways, and make it half as high and half as deep so it can be used as a desktop or a mini tower and you might have something. Sort of a squashed cube.

  3. Me, too. I’m holding off upgrading my PowerBook until I see a 64-bit 970 PowerBook above 2GHz (if we do see that.)

    The two questionable parts of this image…

    1) The Apple logo seems a bit small. They’re definitely not shy about their logo on current PowerMac’s, and…

    2) The photography isn’t really consistent with the way Apple typically photographs their products. (Not that they can’t change that…)

    Can’t rule it out completely, though…

  4. Very nice. It appears to have breaks in the top and bottom moldings on the left side that might indicate the case opening on the other side. The top vents could indicate a solution to the cooling/noise problems. It does have more of that tucked in elegance that the new PBs have. We will see whether it is real or not. The biggest indication that it is fake is that it is still on the web site.

  5. Fake. It’s actually to prosaic to be a real Apple design.

    Not enough drive bays in front. Apple already learned from that mistake with the current G4 towers. Also, you gotta figure they would have added USB and FireWire ports to the front of the case by now.

  6. Umm… No apple logo on the front case! So if these were all in a line, there would be no way to know it’s an Apple computer. HIGHLY unlikely Apple would ever do that!

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