CryptoQuote 1.1 for Mac OS X released

CryptoQuote is a word puzzle game which contains hundreds of quotes. CryptoQuote makes solving these puzzles fun and easy. Taking advantage of your Mac to provide features which make it easier than working on paper. Work the included puzzles, grab the puzzle of the day from, or paste one in from another source.

This substantial update includes the following enhancements:

– Drag-and-drop. Drag solution letters to the puzzle. Drag them away to remove them. Now you can use the mouse, keyboard, or both to solve puzzles.
– Undo/Redo. “Infinite” undo to back up from replacing letters incorrectly, etc.
– Online Help. Official help including details and examples of the new word search feature.
– Word Search. Query language to look for possible words matching the letter pattern and known letters.
– Bug Fix: Entering a solution letter which is a hint now shows correctly as a red “warning.”
– Solutions. Today’s puzzle feature now gets the solution, allowing hints to be used and verification of correct solution!
– Cleanup: Removed lingering references to “CryptoGram.”

More info and download link here.

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