Mystery Apple boxes appearing in France marked ‘Do Not Open Before June 23rd’

MacBidouille has posted a comment from a user of their forums regarding new Apple boxes arriving at Fnac marked only with an Apple logo and the explicit warning, “Do Not Open Before Monday, June 23rd.” Fnac is a computer department store in based France with stores in many countries in Europe, as well as outlets in South America, and Asia. Here is our translation of the original post:

“I work at Fnac and we have indeed received cardboard boxes which we cannot open from Apple France under threats of strong punishment, I presume. According to the size of the small cardboard boxes, it would seem that there are new portables inside whose size I would estimate to be around 15-inch screens. The large boxes are “very large.” I do not know any more, but would speculate that Apple wants to begin selling whatever are in these boxes immediately after they announce the products.”

Full article in French here.

MacDailyNews Take: As usual, take these type of rumors with a grain of salt, especially one based upon a forum posting. Still, this would not be out of character for Apple; they have done similar things prior to major product introductions in the past. One thing’s for sure, we’ll all know for sure on Monday.


  1. No, no, rageous. This might very well be it. One week ahead, two kinds of boxes, the typical Apple warning:

    Power PC 970 Power Macs and PowerBooks with a free coupon in every box for the 64-bit capable Mac OS X Panther to be released in September!

  2. I would say they probably updated the 15in tibook to have a similar case like the 12 and 17 they probably added bluetooth and extreme. I also believe that it is time for the new towers please let it be…=)

  3. I expect a larger or adjustable Cinema Display, and a 15″ PBG4. Panther and the 970s may be announced and be exciting WWDC news, but I doubt they will ship just yet. For people who cannot wait, there may be faster G4 Quicksilvers for a couple of months at a reduced price, depending on the delay. If the 970s just don’t exist from IBM in real quantities yet, Apple has to wait a little longer. My guess: the mystery boxes are minor news, but as a consolation Panther will be better than we’ve heard.

    More sooner would be fun though! You never know.

  4. Agreed. It’s too soon as I see it for the 970’s to come out, and I’m betting these are just re-vamped models of existing products (although I also have a feeling a new display is imminent)

    Also likely: an updated 15″ Powerbook, but not likely to contain the 970’s. Let’s not forget Apple just very recently commissioned the production of new 15″ laptops, and the chance of these already being available in the mass quantities that have been shipped to stores throughout the US and Europe is just not plausible right now.

  5. Just saw this on AppleInsider. It’s from a forum member, so should be taken with a grain of salt:

    The pallets were delivered, the stock room is crammed now and the large boxes have 4 smaller boxes inside of them… I mean they “might” have 4 smaller boxes inside of them if we had opened them. The boxes are 3’x3’x2′ (roughly I did not measure them)

  6. I really hope they dilver this time with a new CPU, I’m not going to get all hyped up this time. We need to relax and realize we may not get it this time. I hope we do, and I think we will but it may not happen. I thought before we would have gotten a new CPU or at least a much more powerful version of the G4. At any rate remember these are just rumors, I agree with rageous. (I would sure die for a 970 though)

  7. What a load of crap! Why would apple ship to France, and not to stores in North America?

    I want new apples as much as the next guy, but this is obviously BS..

  8. I’m guessing new Powerbook G4s at 1.2GHz and new Powermac G5s at 1.4GHz. G5s at 1.8 and dual G5s to ship July/August. I live on Tottenham Court Road in London (big concentration of Mac computer shops), and while the salespeople aren’t saying anything, they do give you a smug look if you ask about next week. Something new is definitely coming, and it will be available immediately.

  9. Finally Apple’s plan to take over the world is unfolding, with mysterious crates showing up in every major city that will soon unfold releasing… tiny little Steve Jobs!!! Ha Ha Ha Haaa

  10. Something’s afoot. Monday’s Stevenote is now going to be broadcast. My guess is that by Friday, they’ll anounce that he’ll also be streaming via QT. Plus, Apple announced that one of their VPs is giving the keynote at MacWorldCreate in NYC.

    Steve loves the limelight. My $.02? Announcement of 15″ AlBooks to be delivered in a month. Immediate release of iChat with Video Conferencing. Guided tour of Panther. And maybe, new tower designs. 970’s? Up in the air.

  11. A little less drama and a quantum leap in power and utlility
    will sell all the little black boxes you can make–I hope all this
    sawing of the air isnt just a prelude to a new version of

  12. So Monday, June 23 in France comes what 4-6 hours before the US? Technically, that means we may have a good report of what’s in those boxes well BEFORE the Stevenote… I’ll definitely check out the reports before I head over tothe Apple store to watch the feed…

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