Panther vs. Longhorn: The Rematch

“While Steve Jobs and Bill Gates may both say the desktop wars are over, don’t try telling that to the legions of Windows and Mac partisans hanging around the Web. Kindled by these advocates’ smoldering passions, our recent column on the prospects of Apple’s and Microsoft’s next major OS revs had the effect of tossing a kitchen match on a pile of oily rags,” write Mary Jo Foley and Matthew Rothenberg for Microsoft Watch.

“Since the resulting flare-up seems to have generated more heat than light on some message boards focused on the companies’ platform prospects, we thought it was worth restating our basic premise: If both companies accomplish most of the competitive feats they’re contemplating for their next major OS upgrades, Mac OS X will be running a couple of years ahead of Windows by next fall.”

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  1. screw longhorn. what kind of stupid name is that anyway. longhorn wont be out until 2005 or whatever and by that time osx will be even better. die bill gates just die

  2. Microsoft – the faster they go, the behinder they get!

    By 2005, Mac OS would have had 2 major revisions (based on Apple’s history of 1 revision per year).

    So, don’t try to compare Longhorn with Mac OS 10.3 (Panther). It should be compared to Mac OS 10.5.

    By the way, have all of you Wintel lemmings removed your latest Microsoft Security Update as advised by Microsoft? Geeesh… why do you guys tolerate this?!!!

  3. It’s not that ABMers necessarily want Apple or Linux to be top dog. It’s that we don’t want M$ even in the race. 30% or so between MacOSX, Linux and WheteverOS (not M$!) would truly promote competion. Look at the race between Ford, Chrysler and GM.

    Right now, we have a grudge-match between the tag team of 5ft., 90lb underdogs against an 8ft., 600lb terminator – in where when the ref catches the terminator cheating, only tells him to stop – or else.

    Oh, and BTW, ‘Die Bill Gates, just die’. (Hehe.)

  4. Longhorn ? the name comes from a bar at the bottom of whistler mountain. up in good old canada. board down and walk in grab a drink. full of young drunk australians

  5. Panther: sleek, sexy, powerful

    Lonhorn: utilitarian, functional, clunky, powerful (sometimes)

    Think of the animals, then think of the OSes.

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