New iMac owner Michael P. updates us on his new-to-Mac experience

Michael P. has sent us another email updating us on the results of his trip to his local Apple Store. You first might want to read, “Windows XP user mad at Apple; wants his iTunes Music Store” and then, “Windows user Michael P. responds to ‘Mad at Apple; wants his iTunes’ feedback,” if you’re unfamiliar with the saga. Here is Michael’s latest email in its entirety:

“Well, I went in there expecting to buy the low end eMac, but after about an hour with two staffers who had to be the best ‘computer store’ employees I ever had the pleasure to meet, I walked out with a 17-inch iMac with a 1GHz PowerPC G4 (which intitially seemed ‘slow’ to me spec-wise, but after the G4 vs. the Pentium 4 differences were explained, seemed plenty fast enough to me), with an 80GB hard drive and a SuperDrive. So I do have iDVD.”

“I took your advice about the RAM. It was easy to install myself. So, the iMac has 1GB of RAM now, too. Thank you, by the way, for all of your advice. You really helped me out and saved me a lot of time. I’ve got it connected to my Dell and did it in about 5 minutes by following your directions.”

“I haven’t had time to do much, yet. But, I want to tell you that from the moment I opened the box, I felt I was in for something quite new and different. The iMac is packaged like it is fine jewelery – very high-end. I have never seen anything like it – right down to the styrofoam shapes and tie wraps and books and cd case. All in a surprisingly small box. Very impressive. I felt like I had purchased a $10,000 fine audio system or something. Quite unlike any Windows computer packaging I had ever opened.”

“The buttons and finishes of the case, keyboard, and mouse are solid quality. The whole thing screams quality. My Dell’s buttons, keyboard and mouse now seem somewhat thin and ‘plasticy’ compared to the iMac’s.”

“The startup sequence of the first time turning it on only heightened the quality level. The thing was on my internet connection (cable modem) as if it was set up for me in the box. It just worked. I downloaded the Safari browser first. Wow! Compared to the included IE for Mac, it really is about 10 times faster. Plus I love the tabs.”

“I will write you a followup when I have time this weekend to spend with the iMac. This email is sent with Mac OS X Mail. So far, so good. I spent more than double what I was was planning, but I am sure I made the right decision already. Thanks for your help! You can print this email if you like.”

– Michael P.


  1. You made a great choice Michael. I’m typing this on the exact same machine, and it’s without a doubt the best computer I’ve ever had the pleasure to use.

  2. dunno, this whole thing sounds like a setup. sorry, but I’m not going to rah-rah with the rest of the mac faithful on this guy. it’s so gushy i think i’m gonna barf.

  3. Haven’t we had enough of this yet? If we wanted to read stories with a high level of “adorable” puke factor, we’d go to /switch/. This site should be about mac news (which its excellent at), not “Joe Blow goes to the store and writes a boring letter.”

  4. Michael P. You made the right decision buying the iMac over the eMac. Love those LCD screens.

    Congrats Michael P. and remember what I told someone else who bought a Mac for the first time. “You’ll have problems, so expect them. Don’t try to solve them with Windows’ tricks. Instead think of the simplist method of addressing the problem. When using a Mac that’s probably the solution.”

    Take Care!

    P.S. Mac Daily News while I understand this last story is to bring closure to the issue please do not use your “news” site to promote individual switcher stories. This isn’t news it’s the stuff of forums.

  5. Errh, I also just purchased a new 17″ iMac with Superdrive. It comes with 256MB on an internal DDR module, thus to get it to 768MB I could ONLY insert a 512MB DDR SDRAM SODIMM module in the one available user slot on the bottom of the iMac under the cover. So, how’d he take his to 1GB? This story line is beginning to sound very fishy…

  6. Dave…

    There are two RAM slots in the 17″ iMac. One is user-accessible via that bottom panel. The other is buried deep in the enclosure and its accessibility is listed as factory-only.

    More info here… <a href”“> Apple support page </a>

    Basically, to get to 1gb you either have to start with 512mb in the factory slot or you have to void the warranty by breaking seals and special screws to get to the slot.

  7. Hey this is great!

    Whether you believe it or not, this is just the sort of tale that is happening to thousands of people out there! And that can only be good news for the rest of us.

    I too switched, back in November, and went through all the emotions and insecurities described by Michael, even down to the magic of opening the box!

    Just one word of warning Michael. One Apple is never enough, you’ll want to take it with you everywhere, and that means an iBook or Powerbook! Trust me, you won’t be able to resist!!!!!

    Welcome to our world.

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