We received an email this morning from a Windows XP user, Michael P., that we feel sheds some light on how some Windows PC users feel about Apple. Here is the email in its entirety:

“To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand why anybody would buy an Apple computer. It is non-standard (everybody uses Windows) and proprietary. Also, it seems to me that Apple is very desperate to sell computers, so much so that they will withhold products that many would want by making them “Apple-only,” in a bid to force people to buy an Apple in order to use these products.”

“I am a music fan. Yes, I wanted an iPod when it first came out, but it was Apple-only, of course. So, I bought a Nomad Jukebox for use with my Windows system. But, still, it was obvious that the iPod was better, and I kept my eye on them over time, so when Apple finally gave up and made a Windows version, I got my new iPod only to find out that I was stuck with MusicMatch software and not iTunes.”

“At this point, I would like to make it clear that I want a Windows XP version of iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, iChat, iDVD, Sherlock – yes, I’ve been all over Apple’s site – these applications look great, but I can’t find versions of them that run on Windows! Why would Apple bother to create all of these applications and not make versions that will run on 99% of the world’s computers?!”

“Instead, Apple would force me to buy an Apple computer to run these programs. Why is Apple so insecure? Why do they need to try to force sales of Apples? Obviously, nobody is buying them or they wouldn’t have to try to make Apple-only reasons to try to force sales of computers.”

“Which comes down to the reason I am writing: The iTunes Music Store. Why can’t I buy songs on my Dell running Windows XP? What kind of a company would open a store that only 1% can shop? It’s worse than opening a store catering only to left-handers – there’s many times more left-handers in the world than there are Apple computer users! This is ridiculous!!!”

“I would love to use my iPod with iTunes and the Music Store, but I cannot. All because Apple can’t seem to sell computers and they are trying to force people to buy Apples. Why limit all of these applications and services to a tiny, insignificant speck of the market? Why not offer them to the majority standard platform and create Windows versions, so the rest of the world can use them, too?”

“In closing, here I sit wanting to spend money at the Apple iTunes Music Store, wanting to run iTunes, iMovie and the rest (I’d even PAY for them), but I cannot. Apple needs to provide a solution for millions and millions of computer users like me! You can print this if you want and I’m sending this to Apple as well. Thank you.”

– Michael P.

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