OS Shootout gets own website: Mac OS X vs. Windows XP

“Is it no longer true Macs are easier than PCs? Has Windows XP finally caught up with (and maybe even surpassed) Mac OS X? Is Mac OS X just a pretty OS, but of little substance? To get a little more clarity on this topic, I decided to look at the 2 OSes?Mac OS X 10.2 and Windows XP? in depth, and cover usability issues such as networking, windows and keyboard controls, voice feedback and voice recognition, the Dock vs. the Taskbar, Find/Search, Help, and much more,” writes Dan Pouliot on his comprehensive website devoted to comparing X vs. XP.

“Although I say I’m comparing 2 OSes, I’m really comparing 3: Mac OS X, Window XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional. The 2 versions of XP behave enough differently to change the scoring of this article, so it does create some scoring difficulties, so bear with me. When necessary I’ll elaborate on the differences between Home and Pro,” Pouliot explains.

Visit the site here.


  1. This guy gives XP the nod over Sys X in logon security because of XP needing the 3-fingered salute. This ought to tell you what the rest is like. ’nuff said.

  2. Can’t find the specs on the HARDWARE he is using for these tests. There is a mention of a PowerBook 400 being “slow with window resizing” or something. Duh.

  3. wait… so because I don’t have to press extra keys to get to the real login prompt, it’s not as good? life just sucks being a windows user, doesn’t it? my brain hurts just trying to comprehend that. And he’s running tests on a 300MHz G3 for tests of “deleting files”? Get real!

  4. the “three finger salute” is necessary to meet a security standard (believe it’s called C4); a rating system designed as necessary by the NSA.

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