Nielsen/NetRatings report: is number one computer hardware site

“Apple Computer Inc.’s led all computer hardware sites in number of shoppers for the week that ended May 11, according to Nielsen/NetRatings AdRelevance report. logged 3.75 million unique visitors, 73.7% of all visitors to hardware sites, which hosted 5.09 million shoppers for the week. Next behind Apple was Hewlett-Packard Co.’s at 2.47 million visitors; Dell Computer Corp., at 1.94 million; Gateway Inc. at 312,000; and at 157,000,” reports.

“ held visitors for the least amount of time, however, with the average stay lasting 3 minutes, 48 seconds, Nielsen/NetRatings reports. Average for all computer hardware sites was 11 minutes, 55 seconds. Holding visitors the longest was Hewlett-Packard at 15 minutes, 8 seconds; followed by Gateway at 11 minutes, 1 second; Dell, 8 minutes, 44 seconds; and Toshiba, 5 minutes, 7 seconds.”

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  1. Average stay was the least for Apple because their site is so easy to navigate, peaople find what they need and leave. Finding what you want at hp is a maze of web pages.

  2. <“Average stay was the least for Apple because their site is so easy to navigate, peaople find what they need and leave. Finding what you want at hp is a maze of web pages.”>

    I totally agree, I’ve been on all of the sites mentioned above, and it’s surprising how terribly designed the sites are. That’s why I love the Apple site: Easy, and clean layout, and I can find anything I want quickly.

  3. I was debating the price issue with someone a few weeks ago, so I went to Dell’s site to compare hardware/prices.

    I left after a minute.

    Also, try Samsung, FutureShop, Fujitsu, Brother, Iomega, Epson. I you enjoy aggravation.

  4. Being that Apple only holds about 3% of the slas market share (about 20% of actual installed computers) and to have 73% of ALL hardware-seekers traffic means that there are a whole bunch of Micro$oft users seeking a better way.

    Many Mac lovers moan about the lack of apparent advertising … that’s APPARENT advertising. With all of the Dell and Sony ads on tv, Apple still blows them all away when it comes to attracting customers. I think we should let Apple’s marketing department do what they do best. So, the next time you think Apple should advertise like Dell, you may want to rethink that idea. With the above stats, I am sure Dell is trying to figure out how to advertise like Apple.

  5. I really doubt Dell is marvelling in Apple’s marketing dept… Dell’s outselling Apple by sh*tloads with a lower profit margin. If anyone at Dell is even thinking about this “stat” they’re probably going, “humph, Apple gets a lot of visitors but no one’s buying” In the Retail World, that’s referred to as low (traffic) conversion and either speaks poorly of the product or poor diversity within the product line (ie, hasn’t aimed at what the public wants). Either way, it’s not good for Apple.

  6. The stay is the least not only because of the ease of use, but the fact that most consumers think of Macs as a joke and a “toy”, so they’re only midly intrigued by the site.

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