Microsoft’s ‘Longhorn’ Windows version UI demo videos posted in QuickTime

Extreme Tech has posted a few short videos showing some of the features of Windows “Longhorn” 3D user interface. The first is a simple conceptual idea of what can be done with the Desktop Composition Engine, the next is an example of using video textures, and finally there’s [ExtremeTech’s] “favorite” demo.

Note: the QuickTime videos over on ExtremeTech, for some unknown reason, do not seem to be progressive (fast start) downloads, so you’ll have to wait for them to download completely before the movies will play.

See them here, then come back to tell us what you think. Thanks.


  1. Since Apple don’t seem to get it and show Mac OS X on TV where everybody can see it, now in a few years, nobody will remember that Apple was first as usual and MS ripped off Aqua. They’ll think as Bill wishes them to think, that Microsoft is an amazing “innovator.”

    I think I’ll go puke now, MS disgusts me so much.

  2. Microsoft has done what it does best…. Copying Apple! I might also add that after watching these 3 videos, 2 out of 3 of those effects are 100% USELESS. Go watch the last video to find out what I mean…

  3. I think I figured out why they are calling it “Longhorn”. Because that’s what they had to use to pry Apple’s working technology concepts into the Windows code base.

  4. The site is choked. Can’t download a thing, but I suspect I can pull out my ancient OS X public beta, and see most of what I would see on the Longhorn clips. Except, of course, the MS execution will undouptedly be clunky and remedial.

  5. hahaha

    In the 3rd video you can hear a guy faintly give a *whew* like he’s amazed by what he’s seeing. How pathetic.

    One thing I do love about MS is that the shit they steal looks worse once they “improve” it.

  6. What really is the use of a rotating vortex desktop? I see no usefullness in any of these, the only one that is even a little clever, the first one, is a direct rip from apples genie effect. imagine if they put all that money that they have available to actually developing their own ideas?

  7. Cute, but I could not see how this would make a great GUI. Also, I’m thinking in the back of my mind, just how fast a graphic card would be to handle all of that.

  8. I really don’t think Apple has anything to worry about. These are only copying what Apple was doing three years ago. By the time LongHorn makes it out the door, Apple will be several generations of new technology out. This is quite impressive concidering MicroSoft only ueses closed, proprietary code. Since Apple uses open standards, they can inovate far more quickly. Plus, I’m sure LongHorn will still have the same complex Registry that has plagued every copy of Windows, and OSX will still be as robust as ever….

  9. That’s just pitiful. And what’s even sadder, when you peruse the discussion board is: (1) the folks who like it have essentially zero clue how un-innovative and clunky it is; (2) the Linux folks are “hoping they catch up to it” but don’t like the fact they can’t get sourcecode; and (3) the number of people fed up with Redmond’s totalitarian tactics but won’t even self-help themselves out of it.

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