MacSurfShop taking a break; announces Memorial Day clearance sale

Everything is on clearance sale this Memorial Day weekend at MacSurfshop.

“Prices as low as $2.95 per shirt and no higher than $8.95! These prices are only good this weekend and while supplies last,” Mike Yrabedra, President of Macsurfshop told MacDailyNews. “After this weekend we will shut down the Macsurfshop for awhile so get your shirts now. Some of these designs will not be coming back… MacSurfshop is not going out of business, just taking a long needed break. When MacSurfshop comes back, things will look and feel much fresher.”

For more information, visit MacSurfshop here.

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  1. This company will not sell to anyone outside the U.S.A. It isn’t apparent until you register, set up a password and begin to fill a shopping cart.

    This is something I’ve rarely encountered on the Internet.

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