FirePOD FireWire/USB car charger compatible with all iPod models

CompuCable’ss FirePOD is a $20 FireWire/USB Car Charger that’s compatible with all iPod models, including the new iPods announced earlier this week. The FirePOD’s detachable cable design also works with other bus-powered FireWire and USB devices, such as hard drives, cell phones, camcorders, PDA’s. The FirePOD is comes bundled with FireCABLE, a “Bus-Power Injector” for 4-pinned IEEE1394 host controller found on Windows systems.

The FirePOD and FireCABLE provides a complete on-the-road Universal FireWire Power system. The Basic kit includes the FirePOD (12V USB/FireWire power adapter), and FireCABLE (FireWire pass-through power line). The Deluxe kit also includes FireWire AC/DC adapter, similar to Apple’s iPOD adapter.

More info here.

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