Livestage Professional QuickTime authoring application updated

LiveStage Professional is a leading QuickTime authoring application with the ability to converge more than 200 media types to create the engaging interactive digital presentations. This cross-platform tool unlocks the power of QuickTime 6, with dozens of new features that improve workflow and ease of use for all users, from beginner to advanced.

According to the developer, Totally Hip, LiveStage Professional is the most powerful tool for creating customized and branded QuickTime players and control buttons for your interactive presentations, the only software that allows QuickTime VR developers to combine their projects with other media types, the only authoring platform that integrates and manipulates over 200 media types in their native format, including MPEG4.

What?s New in this Version:

LiveStage Professional 4.1 uncovers a whole new set of QTVR features rarely accessible before. Supporting 360 panoramic, cubic or object movies, LSP 4.1 allows you to quickly and easily create interactive QTVR presentations. By using new FastTracks, adding a map, compass and directional sound to your QTVR has never been easier. To allow for all of these new features LSP 4.1 has a new VR editor. LiveStage Professional 4.1 also adds support for the Axel 3D engine.

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