New Mac ‘Rumor-Watch’ site debuts

SiteLink, a staple of the Mac community for almost 7 years, has just launched a new addition to its family of web sites. “Rumor-Watch” is dedicated exclusively to keeping Mac users on top of the latest Mac rumors from the major Mac rumor sites. Powered by, SiteLink’s sister site, Rumor-Watch is updated automatically 4 times an hour, 24 hours a day, with the latest feeds from the top rumor sites. It includes a chronological listing from the previous 5 days, as well as complete listings of the latest articles from each of the featured rumor sites. What will Apple come up with next? No one really knows – but Rumor-Watch will keep you abreast of the latest rumors in a simple, easy-to read digest.

Rumor-Watch is online now at and soon at its permanent home at

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