CNET gives ‘average’ ValueWatch rating to dual 1.42GHz PowerMac

“Apple’s Power Mac G4 tower seems to embody Moore’s Law these days. Its chips are getting faster–currently topping out at 1.42GHz–and its prices are declining in tandem. The three-system Power Mac line maxes out with dual 1.42GHz chips and starts off with a single-processor, 1GHz G4 for just $1,499 minus a monitor. The 1.42GHz model comes pretty well decked out for $2,699, and even with a $699, 17-inch Studio Display, the top-end G4 is cheaper than some top-performance, single-processor PCs, such as the Falcon Northwest Mach V. Our test machine, a 1.42GHz G4 with 512MB of RAM and a 120GB Ultra ATA hard drive, offers all the power you need for intensive graphics production or gameplay, though the 1.25GHz model, now with just 256MB of RAM and a smaller hard drive, is the better value,” says CNET. Full review here.


  1. CNET gave the Nikon D1x digital camera a not very favorable rating as well and as a pro photographer, I can tell you that it is worth it’s weight in gold. Point being, these “valuewatch” ratings are geared towards an average common denominator that doesn’t really represent the kind of people who would buy a high end G4.
    ValueWatch is great for my grandmother but worthless to me.

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