Apple updates online Apple Store (updated 10:26 AM EDT)

Apple has updated their online Apple Store. The website’s intorductory page now includes columns organizing information and products into categories such as:

– Interests
– Apple Products
– Third Party Products
– Top Sellers
– New to the Store
– Staff Picks

See the updated Apple Store here.


  1. Daaaah. They’ve redesigned ONE PAGE of the Apple Store. Once you click any link, the page that loads is the same as it was before. The “store” has not be redesigned (or “launched”) for that matter, it’s homepage has been updated.

    Big Woop.

  2. “The text is too small and some sections cannot be enlarged.”

    Try using (option command 8), followed by (option command +). You can quickly make any text as large as you want without losing too much resolution. (option command 8) returns you to your normal screen.

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