New Kelby Book illustrates Mac OS 8/9 to Mac OS X conversion

A new book by best-selling Mac author Scott Kelby explains the transition to OS X from Mac OS 8/9. The Mac OS X Conversion Kit takes a unique approach to getting users up and running on Mac OS X. Rather than explaining the details behind each new feature, the Conversion Kit takes a “before and after” approach to navigating through the operating system. Kelby dedicates two pages to each action, with the left-hand page explaining how the task was once done in OS 8/9 and the right-hand page explaining how to now complete that same operation in OS X.

Full-color screen shots help the reader follow along with the steps and Kelby’s signature writing style (a conversational tone interspersed with humor, if you’ve read “Macintosh… The Naked Truth,” you know what we mean) makes the book an easy read.

Early editions of The Mac OS X Conversion Kit will be on sale at the Mac Design Conference, May 28-30 in Chicago. Official book sales start June 2 and pre-orders are being taken at The Mac OS X Conversion Kit is published by Peachpit Press and retails for $29.95.


  1. Yahoo!
    Can’t wait – now I’ll be able to make the change without wondering how to find things. (I have tried OSX on my co-worker’s Mac and spend half my time trying to figure out where things have gone or what they’re called now. Hello, where’s the Chooser?)
    I have Scott Kelby’s other books and will definitely get this one

  2. It sounds like a nice book, useful for some people. I just kind of fell into OS X automatically – it felt homey at the beginning, and I just found my way around through trial and error.

    I was a Mac user for six years before OS X. As good as it once was, now I consider the Classic Mac OS no more than an interesting museum exhibit.

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