New Power ‘AlMac’ to have aluminum front panel?

“Recent Mac-press reports of a new PowerMac enclosure design [were] encouraged to make contact with several of our sources, to see if we could put any details to these general reports. Fortunately, our efforts paid off with some more specific information about the new pro tower’s appearance,” is reporting today.

The MacWhispers article continues, “a regular MacWhispers source from the OEM network responsible for PowerMac production has confirmed that the new enclosure is ‘still primarily a plastic construct,’ but that the front panel “is nearly all of the same anodized aluminum” used on the newer PowerBooks. What other details we have learned are less certain, but indicate that the new PowerMac will be ‘surprisingly sleek,’ with a general appearance even smoother and less cluttered than the current MDD and prior QuickSilver designs.”

MacWhispers’ full article here.

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