Reset Safari if encountering ‘weird’ appearance issues with Safari Beta 2

MacDailyNews readers are reporting “weird” page rendering issues when upgrading to Safari Beta 2. Most of these users report they had been using “Safari Enhancer” with Safari Beta 1. Issues included large portions of webpages going unrendered, text resizing buttons not working, problems with Tabs, and complete lockups (crashes) of Safari. A new feature in Safari Beta 2, Reset Safari, is located in the Safari menu. From the dialog box:

“Resetting Safari erases your browsing history, empties the cache, clears the Downloads window, and removes cookies. It also removes any saved names and passwords or other AutoFill text and clears Google search entries.”

Users report that after resetting Safari via the “Reset Safari” command, all of the issues cleared up and Safari Beta 2 seems to work as expected. Please let us know below in this article’s “Reader feedback” section if you are having issues, tell us about your experiences with resetting Safari, and any other fixes / issues you’ve found.


  1. I’m getting a space after Lucida uppercase Ps in my tabs and some links whose font is probably Lucida 11 or 12 px. Is this the sort of problem that Resetting will help? I’d rather not flush it all if I don’t have to.

  2. I was having problems with Safari rendering text at absolutely enormous sizes. Before I found this tip I deleted the prefs file and reinstalled which seems to have fixed it. Has the added bonus of not deleting all your cookies, downloads and history, but might not work for other problems.

  3. I’ll second Andy’s tip above. Just deleting the cleared up my issues with beta 2. It’s a much less destructive first attempt at resolving any issues you may have.

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