SteveJack examines PC World’s 12-inch AlBook ‘subtle hatchet-job’

In the MacDailyNews opinion section, SteveJack writes, “, sporting the masthead ‘technology advice you can trust,’ has an article by Rebecca Freed entitled, ‘Mini-Mac: The Smallest PowerBook Yet.’ All well and good, so far, but (you knew there had to be a ‘but’), the subtitle states, ‘Apple’s subnotebook is a sleek, flawed beauty.'”

“‘Flawed’ may be as far as most Wintel PC Sufferers read as they ‘left-click’ away. Which may be a good thing actually, since Freed manages to somewhat skillfully denigrate the PowerBook with which she obviously can’t find many issues of consequence.”

Full article here.


  1. As a journalism teacher, I am appalled by what passes as professional journalism in some media today. The Ford article is a prime example of problem. While she does, in fact, work for a company that by its very nature endorses another platform, a legitimate review should at least try to be substantive. I suggest reading Tony Smith’s review, “Apple 12in PowerBook G4” (posted on MacDailyNews 01/04/2003). Perhaps the major difference here is that Smith works for a newspaper, not a special interest magazine.

    Anyone shopping for a computer should never base a decision on a single review regardless of the writer or platform. Certainly, consumers should never base that decision on reviews that are devoid of any real techincal information or real-life user experience. A “review” is an opinion piece and opinions vary. It would be nice, however, if “professional journalists” would generate INFORMED opinions worthy of consideration.

  2. I love my 12-inch Powerbook, especially the fantastic keyboard, Apple’s best ever. But the point about the trackpad button is right on. It’s not good, and sometimes it is sticky. And I wish the lid closed tighter; I suspect the gap is a product of thin, light materials. Otherwise, the machine is fabulous. And the screen size? A PC weanie in my office commented on its smallness. I WANTED small and portable, and that’s what I got. I miss nothing.

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